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Thursday, October 17, 2019
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Manufacturing Technology and Method of Large Diameter Thick Wall DSAW Pipe

Production methods such as UOE method, CFE roll forming method, RBE roll forming method, JCOE forming method, C forming method and PFP gradual bending forming method are introduced in foreign countries.

Brief introduction is as follows:

The first type of dsaw pipe method: UOE method will be the first pre-curved steel plate in the U press forming mold U-shaped, and then in the O press molding machine and then into the O-shaped welding into Tube and then all the expansion. UOE method is one of the most advanced forming methods in the world today. There are nearly 30 sets of forming pipe units in the contemporary world. UOE is known for its high production efficiency and good product quality, but it is not expensive. Big.

The second type of dsaw pipe forming method: CFE method of the roll forming machine from the preforming frame, flat roll frame, edge bending roller and small row of roller frame, because set up a lot of the same small row of rollers, so that the process of forming the edge of the steel plate near the track is almost straight, to prevent the "edge stretch" scene. CFE method of forming good quality, its product quality and UOF method no difference. The use of raw materials for the hot roller with coil, which is different from other forming methods. It is mainly used for multi-volume, single type of steel production, but difficult to produce high-strength thick-walled steel pipe and large diameter steel pipe.

The third type of dsaw pipe forming method: RBE roll forming method will be three or four rollers in the roller between the repeated rolling forming, this approach to produce the pipe in the use of functional and reliability are close to UOE welded pipe. RBE investment less, build fast, moderate production and greater sensitivity to the market compliance, in recent years, the approach in some of the Chinese countries have been used. However, since the forming method is not supported by the middle of the upper roll, the diameter of the formed steel pipe is less than 508 mm (20 in), which reduces the market rate. The diameter of many pipes in China is 508 mm or less.
The fourth dsaw pipe molding method: JCOE forming method, first in the press on the steel plate into a J-shaped, both sides of the pressure side, after repeated casting for the C-shaped, and ultimately by the semi-O-shaped mold O-shaped. JCOE method of its product quality and UOE pipe close to the work line price is much lower than the UOE unit, but its production efficiency is low, the current I virtue steel control manufacturing company is used in the JCOE forming method, although the production efficiency is low due to the molding advantages of the process from the caliber limit can handle large caliber quantitative small non-scheduling problems.

The fifth type of dsaw pipe molding method: C forming method with two C forming machine instead of UOE unit U presses and O presses, the forming process: the pre-curved steel plate in the first Forming half of the steel plate on the press, and then forming the other half of the steel plate on another press, and then obtaining an O-shaped tube. C forming the production of welded pipe size appropriate, moderate production, lower production line price.

The sixth dsaw pipe molding method: PFP gradually bending forming method is to pre-bending the end of the steel plate in the press on a smaller step, more times the number of times the sheet metal bending, and ultimately by the steel pipe.The welding machine is formed into a round pipe. PFP method for each reduction is small, so the tonnage of the press is not large, and thus investment is also small, this approach can form a different diameter, wall thickness of the pipeHealth Fitness Articles, the diameter of the processing can be less than 406mm.

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Manufacturing Technology and Method of Large Diameter Thick Wall DSAW Pipe

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