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Saturday, October 20, 2018
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Networking Top Tips

1.Join several ... groups and attend as many of ... as ... Regular ... builds up good ... very ... and make sure you talk to at least one new person at

1.Join several networking groups and attend as many of their
events as possible. Regular attendance builds up good
relationships very quickly.

2.Try and make sure you talk to at least one new person at each
event you go to - donít just stick with the people you already

3.Donít expect that you will walk into a networking event and
come out of it with a job or a new client. Networking takes
time and patience.

4.Sticking your business card under the nose of everyone you
Meet is guaranteed to annoy them. Donít go into your sales
pitch straight away and always try to talk with someone rather
than at them.

5.Show a genuine interest in other people and what they do and
get to know them as people rather than as business

6.Donít disregard someone who doesnít seem to be of immediate
Ďuseí to you. You never know who they know or how they
might help you.

7.Manners cost nothing so treat everyone as you would wish to
be treated yourself. People buy from Ė and recommend! Ė
people they like.

8.Be natural, be yourself and enjoy the opportunity to meet and
learn from other business people.

9.Donít be afraid to walk up to someone and start talking. They
are there for the same reasons as you are and will probably be
grateful that they didnít have to make the first move.

10.At the end of the day, everyone is there to meet new people and
Make new contacts so donít be afraid of politely ending a
conversation with someone and moving on to someone else Ė
they wonít be offended.

11.When giving someone your business card, you may want to
consider giving them two Ė one to keep and one to pass on.

12.Try and find something you can do for the people you are
talking to. Do you have a contact you can pass on that might help
them with a problem they have? Do you know a good supplier
who is just what they are looking for? People will remember you
as friendly and helpful.

13.If you make a good contact at an event, make sure you follow
it up. Send them an email, make a quick phone call Ė it doesnít
matter how you do it but always, always follow up.

14.Donít forget about online networking. Join some business
forums, put up some posts. Youíll start to recognise some
names and you may find that they are going to an event you will
be attending which gives you a head start as you know someone
already before you walk through the door.

And finally - Listen! If you only take one tip away from this article,
itís got to be this one. If youíre too busy trying to think about what
youíve got to say next, you might just miss a golden opportunity.
Youíll learn a lot more by listening and people will be impressed with
someone who has obviously paid attention.

In summary, forget the sell, sell, sell - take the pressure off yourself by
approaching the event as a fun opportunity to meet like-minded people
and always remember that you get back what you give.

Happy networking!

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Gill Fernley and Justin Baker are the founders of Six Degrees Network, a group organising business networking events with a social slant across the UK.
You can find out more at

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