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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Packaging Labels: What You Need To Know From A-Z

Not sure what type of packaging labels are right for your product? Here are some quick tips along with an affordable packaging label provider that can help you with all your packaging label needs...

United States mail service has been around for quite sometime and ever since there has been mail service, there have been packages sent through it. And of course, since there have been packages, there have been labels – after all, the mail service needs to know where the package has to go.

Labeling can be as simple as permanent marker on a brown paper wrapper. However, what good does that do you as a company? Sure – If you are an eBay seller, it works fine because who really cares. The casual eBay seller, despite as hard as they may try, are not real stores (despite the fact that there are a small percentage of stores who sell via eBay, the primary sellers are not legitimate retail stores) and as such the labeling means nothing.

Labeling as a marketing ploy began many years ago with the advent of multi level marketing. It began by using standard envelopes to emblazon such wonderfully memorable slogans as “Get Rich Now!”, “Limited Time!”, “Act Now!”, “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!” among others. These slogans were created to provide the person viewing it with a sense of urgency. These so-called time sensitive incentives made people feel like they better open this piece of mail quickly or risk losing out on something wonderful and fantastic offer that could make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. And you know what? It worked.

It worked so well that many companies began utilizing that same way of using labels to get consumers to rip into the envelopes and buy into the sales pitch. Many consumers are annoyed, but so what? It doesn't matter if 75% of the people throw your marketing envelope and, subsequently, your letter into the trash bin. The remaining 25% count. The smart companies include a self-addressed-stamped envelope that will also include some sort of marketing verbiage on the envelope so whoever comes across it will see it, become curious, and will look into what you have to offer.

However, if you are a legitimate company, you do not want to go toward the swindle artist’s way of doing things. Instead, you want to entice other consumers into your fold. Your shipping labels can be a way to do it. You can make your company appear tacky by having larger than life labels that can take up the entire size of the package being shipped or you can make them obnoxious colors like pink or yellow. Though these methods draw attention they also make your company look bad.

The best solution is a simple solution. Size does not matter in the package labeling field. Something as simple as your logo complete with e-mail or web address will suffice. Make your business logo snap though, it should be a nice size and not too flamboyant. It should also not be colored but instead black and white.

In the end, it is your company and you know yourself best. If your company is fits the mold, then by all meansHealth Fitness Articles, make that label bright pink or yellow. Don't worry about adding color either as it is an expense you might not need in many industries.

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