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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Psychological Copywriting 101 - Do You Really Possess The LOVEFactor?

Do you love your customers and prospects? If you don't you could possibly be leaving a lot of money up for grabs with each and every sale. You are able to use emotional copywriting to greatly boost...

A few days ago I found myself reading over one of Jay Abraham's promotions. I really had no interest in the product since it was for a seminar that happend about 2 years ago, but then I decided to read over it anyway just to see if I might pick up a few tips or maybe get a bit of inspiration.

When I was glancing through the 24 page monster I ran across a paragraph.

The problem with most businesses is a story of misplaced devotion. Misdirected businesses fall in love with the money they make. Mediocre companies fall in love with their product or service. But all GREAT enterprises share this exhilarating trait…

They habitually and continually fall in love with their clients and treat them as valued and revered friends. They find ways to bring an enhanced advantage, protection, benefit and value into their lives.

That passage leads me to ask the question...

NO? Then you are doing a disservice to yourself as well as your clients and prospects.

You see, in this business…compassion is the mother of all emotions.

If you can’t genuinely feel compassionate about the subject you’re writing about – your copy and overall marketing is going to be WEAK. Not to mention, you client or prospect will see right through it.

And if you aren’t compassionate towards your clients – you’re not going to be able to do the best job you can for them.

200,000 People – All With The Same Problem.

As an example, let's look at two jobs that I am working on now.

One is for a client and the other is for one of my partners.

For my client job, I’m writing a direct mail piece which is going to be sent out to 200,000 people at the beginning of the year. All 200,000 have the same problem in common, they have clogged arteries.

For me to do my job correctly, I have to get myself inside their head, literally and emotionally feeling what it might be like to have the problem.

Incredibly serious and scary things like…

* Worrying if one day it’s just going to be “too clogged” and have a heart attack.

* The anguish that my family will have to go through, weighs heavy on my mind.

* Wondering if it could even be possible to get past all of the "miracle cures" and find something that will really clear my arteries.

Working my butt off doing research, and actually taking the time to be compassionate and sympathetic with people suffering from the condition, my copy and my job for the client, would simple SUCK...PERIOD.

I make sure that I take the time to understand the problem and what it would be like, even though I am still a young person and have no heart or artery problems.

Though 99% of this niche is women, I was able to convince men to purchase the product.

The next niche I am going to work into is again heavily dominated by women. When my partner read my copy, he sat there with his mouth hanging open and thought it was simply amazing.

He said things like “Jeremy, I can’t believe just how much you connected with this group and truly developed a very emotional link with them, realize exactly what they’re going through and connecting with it - you’re the complete opposite gender AND age! When I got done reading the copy, I literally wanted to purchase the damn thing”.

It's not because I did so much research or because I am in the same position as my client.

It is literally because I took the time to put my self in the place of my prospect FEELING what they might feel.

When you are not doing exactly can bet that your copy is NOT pulling on an emotional thread and you are not producing the quality of compy that you could be.

The formula cannot get much more simple.

Connect with your prospect, understand your prospect, and your conversions will increase...guaranteed.

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Jeremy Reeves is a direct response freelance copywriter and marketing consultant. He's produced millions of dollars in results for his clients with strategic marketing strategies. To discover how Jeremy can help YOUR business, go to

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