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Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Review The Past to Renew The Approach Towards Financial Freedom!

The month of January is ideal time to review our past, gain experience, learn lessons and plan strategies for the future as there are empty twelve months in front of us that we will fill with either success or failures. Therefore it is going to be our task to fathom our future based on our past and never to go back but to go forward step by step, achievement by achievement to our Financial Freedom.

The Month of January was named by the Romans after Janus. Janus is the guardian God of beginning and had two heads. Of the two one was facing back and other facing front. So, Janus could look back and look forward at same time.

We are in January now. It is the appropriate time for us too, like Janus, to look back and look forward. However, we will not be physically able to look back and look foreword at the same time, since we do not have two heads like Janus.  But with the single head that we are blessed with, we can look back before we look foreword.  In the time in-between we can pick up things from our past.

Looking back at the beginning of a New Year allows us to reflect upon our past year and learn from it. There are a lot to learn from the past. The past is storage of experiences, useful lessons, mistakes and failures. So, looking back provide us an opportunity to analyze what we did, how we did and the outcome. It is useful for us to look back at the past and fathom our future based on lessons from the past. Napoleon Hill in his book Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude stated that your future is ahead of you. You must prepare yourself to be ready by making yourself ready for the opportunities available to you.

With an analysis of the earlier period, we can find out the causes and corrective measures necessary to aim perfection in future actions.  That will prepare us to face up to the challenges of the future.  With this knowledge on our past we can look forward with confidence. That confidence will lead us to success in our plans for the future.

 In other words by looking back we can certainly make use of our good past successes to rekindle our spirits. On the other hand, we can use our past failures as the pillars on which to build future success. In this way, our forward movement will have a positive approach that will be fortified with right knowledge and experience. It will be the approach that will help us, in carving out a rightful place for us in the future to live the life we always dreamt about living. 

Being beginning of the New Year we can make a firm commitment as a New Year Resolution. Like Janus, we too have looked back and looked forward and meanwhile picked the bricks of experience to build new solid foundation for future achievements. So our timing is right and planning will be sound. It is opportune for us to begin the year by taking control of life and guide it forward towards our own visions of future prosperity.

That is where the road to achievement begins. It will be a real change for an exiting life of plenty of wealth, health and happiness. It cannot be denied that money is a decisive factor in being able to get what we want when we want. Reaching a state of Financial Freedom that can free us from hindrances of financial burdens is possible. So, why not get ready to succeed.  Never again think of obstacles, hindrances etc.Computer Technology Articles, but think of them as generators of strength for you. They will help you to sharpen your knowledge and the skills that you need to succeed.

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