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Friday, February 28, 2020
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Rug Steam Cleaners: Choosing The Right Versions For Commercial Use

While choosing rug steam cleaners for use in commercial settings, there are many factors to remember. It must be reliable, efficient, durable, user-friendly, and offer maintenance-free functions.

While choosing rug steam cleaners for use in commercial settings, there are many factors you must remember. Ideally, the rug washers must be reliable, efficient, durable, user-friendly, and offer maintenance-free functions for years. Commercial areas, such as restaurants, malls, and retail stores, remain open late in the night. When the place opens for business the next day, all the carpeted areas must be clean, disinfected, deodorized, dry, and ready for use. Wet or moist carpets can make the place seem unimpressive. It can also emanate foul odors. Therefore, the carpet steamers must enable the carpets to dry within several hours.

Robust cleaning functions
The latest versions of rug steam cleaners utilize the guaranteed cleaning action of hot steam to maintain carpets. The hot steam softens and dissolves dirt buildup and grease present on carpets quickly and effectively. The high steam temperatures play an integral role in enhancing the cleaning action of rug wash systems. However, high temperatures can sometimes produce disastrous results on delicate carpets.

Hot moisture generated by rug steam cleaners may seriously damage delicate carpet fibers, especially natural fibers. However, that does not mean steam-based rug cleaner units are unsuitable for use on delicate carpets. All you have to do is choose advanced versions with adjustable temperature levels and then set the right temperature for each carpet type. This helps avoid damage to carpets due to inappropriately high temperatures. Carpet washer machines with adjustable temperatures are recommended for use in areas, such as hotels and casinos, that feature different types of carpets.

More on low-flow technology
Basically, the more water you use for cleaning, the wetter the carpets become. These heavily wet carpets need about 24 hours to dry completely. This is simply not practical in commercial areas that cannot afford to remain closed for an entire day just because the carpets are not dry enough. The solution is to use best rug steam cleaners that utilize minimal water for cleaning.

Leading brands now offer portable carpet cleaners featuring low-flow functions. This implies the use of very low water volume during the rug cleaning process. Since the rugs do not get extremely wet after a cleaning session with low-flow carpet cleaning machines, the drying period is amazingly less. In fact, the drying time with non-heated carpet extractors, that eject cold water to clean carpets, is six hours. Well, if you need faster drying, go for heated commercial carpet cleaners that dry carpets in about 2-4 hours.

The low-flow function cuts down the risk of wet carpets that can develop mold or foul odors. Since the hot moisture from commercial carpet cleaners efficiently eliminates all traces of dried food, beverage spills, and other deposits, your carpets will smell fresh every day. Heated versions of carpet extractors also eliminate germs and pests from carpeted areas.

The low-flow technology and numerous attachments make these portable carpet cleaners ideal for a range of other cleaning applicationsFree Articles, such as detailing the interiors of vehicles. You can also use the carpet cleaning machines to spot clean upholstery.

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