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Saturday, July 20, 2019
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Safer Pest Control

Pest control tactics donít have to be so heavy handed. Many methods may get rid of bugs and rodents but put the inhabitants and pets of a home in dangerís way. Some of the products used in the past we...

Pest control tactics donít have to be so heavy handed. Many methods may get rid of bugs and rodents but put the inhabitants and pets of a home in dangerís way. Some of the products used in the past were actually toxic. Today, technicians and homeowners understand the ramifications of using such lethal artillery against vermin. They understand that the same results can be achieved with gentler methods. Here are some things to think about:

- Seal off entrances into the home: By taking some precautionary steps, many bugs and rodents wonít make it into the house in the first place. Sealing around electrical outlets, light plates, windows, and doorways with silicone caulking will keep lots of the invaders out. Screens in windows and over vents will keep them out as well.

- Household environment: Keeping the interior of a home clean will discourage pests. Floors that are swept, mopped or vacuumed will remove inviting crumbs that can draw a crowd of ants or flies. Washing dishes after each meal will eliminate this issue as well. Tupperware or jars that have a tight lid and seal will work better than storing leftovers or grains in bags or boxes. Puddles attract unwelcome visitors, too, so make certain that there arenít any leaky pipes or containers of open liquid.

- Yards: Lumber for construction projects or logs for fire building invite termites and other tiny creatures. Keeping this timber covered or away from the home will curtail insects that can jump from the stack to your residence.

- Pets: After Rover or Fluffy eat dinner, removing any remaining food from the dish and washing it will be wise. A dog or cat bowl of kibble is inviting pests to a meal, as well. If household pets have fleas, combing them with a flea removal tool will help a great deal. Combing should be done outside and on a regular basis.

- Glue traps, fly swatter and no-kill traps: There are ways to eliminate vermin without filling the house with poison. Simply whacking them or trapping them will do the job without leaving a trail of toxins. Many rodents or other wildlife guests can be lured into a trap with food and then released to a more appropriate spot, like the forest or a field.

- Natural products: Some products such as household cleansers, vinegar or by planting marigolds as a barrier have been known to deter insects. If a pest control company is being called in, asking the technicians to explain their most ecologically sound methods of eradication will be a smart move. This is a rapidly developing area of technology and the techs will surely have some great information to share.

- Be careful: If poisons are used, be sure that all safety measures are followed. Goggles, gloves and proper container disposal will all be ways to minimize hazardous side effects.

Pest control can be achieved without poisoning the entire household. By sealing off entry points, cleaning up the house and yard, taking precautions with pet care, and using safer products and methods, insects and rodents can be kept out of a home. When toxins are necessary, cautious handling will prevent unnecessary exposure.

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