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Saturday, November 16, 2019
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Service Reviews Importance of Service Reviews in Marketing

Service Reviews, in general, are just more trustworthy and reliable, they increase the value of your business to other clients because there is already a trusting clientele.

Services providers can have a harder time gaining reviews because the services in themselves are experiences and one small part being uncomfortable can brings the full service down. Products only have to be presented and the review is based on the product quality and price, for a service, a review is much more in-depth. The Behaviour of the service provider, the quality of the service provided, the personality and comfort, the security, etc. these are the things included in the Service reviews.

Company service reviews are extremely important because they create security for your company. They let others know that your product has been tested and it is of good quality, which in turn makes those reading the reviews trust your company much more. Reviews cause a domino effect by grasping the first dominos experience and going down the lane from there.

Let's take a few examples as to why people look into the service providers with more depth than the products being sold. In general, with services, there is a more direct link to the provider and since services are normally tailored they are expected to provide more.

First Example, a review on a Taxi Service is something that should objectively be written only about the ride going from point A to point B, did it provide what they said they would? Which is transportation from point A to Point B. However, the rides, in reality, are not judged on that, they are based on the level of comfort provided, the attitude of the chauffeur, the comfort and security of the ride, the directness of the pat, etc? Everything is included in the review, some people even include the customer service of a company providing chauffeur services. If they don't get a taxi due to bad customer service, that will be included in the review as well, if the customer service was nice, many people add that into their review.

This shows that you cannot just provide simple transportation, you need to be keen on the experience you provide during your service that will bring people to review the services well. You need to see what the clients want from your taxi services, what type of comfort they require and you provide them with that. Honestly is also appreciated, if you provide standard taxis, you can sell them as standard no need to say they are more than they are, people who will be in the demographic that need the services you provide, they will review them positively because they are already aware of what to expect.

Another example would be the salon, if you go to a salon Men's or Women's, the reviews will be on the services they provide, but the additional comments on the atmosphere and the behaviour of the service providers will be included into the review no matter what. It is important when providing any sort of service to make it an experience because Service reviews are not based on objective service alone, they are subjective, opinionated and based on the atmosphere as well as services.

Importance of Reviews in Marketing

A Review provides you with many things but most importantly, it is the best marketing asset than any other in the industry. People trust the words of others instead of your own testimonials and content because you could just be lying but people with actual experience from your services will not be lying.


The Ability to provide reviews allows people to provide their two cents on any service they have hired, it is the ability to connect with former clients and to see what their services were like. It helps potential clients make a better judgement by looking at the connectivity and openness of a company that allows itself to be open to reviews.


Selections of one company out of many different service providers is important, it becomes hard when each company provides the same thing but the client does not know which one provides the best service. They often opt into looking at Client review on Google, Yelp or other review websites to see how others experience with the company was. This helps them narrow their selection down to only a few companies by seeing which ones have better star ratings.


The conviction to buy something is important when it comes down to it, the final purchase needs a push and normally that push is a satisfying review from a previous client. It helps them make up their mind because people often gravitate towards what seems to be a safe way of using money without wasting it on bad service.

Trust and reliability

Service Reviews, in general, are just more trustworthy and reliablePsychology Articles, they increase the value of your business to other clients because there is already a trusting clientele.

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