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Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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Silicon powder processing technology and equipment

Silicon powder also called micro silica fume, scientific name is "silicon fume", also known as silica fume, is an industrial furnace in high temperature smelting industrial silicon and ferrosilicon process, with exhaust gas escaping smoke through a special collection device collection and processing to obtain.

Although the application of pure cement can be made high performance concrete which the compressive strength is up to 100 MPa, but use silica fume will be easier. And for the preparation of the concrete strength is more than 100 MPa, silica fume used is almost indispensable. Silica fume in concrete used as filling material and the volcano ash material. After use silica fume, greatly reducing the pore size in water paste, improve the pore size distribution, so that increases the strength, reduce permeability. For example, researches results show that, in order to get 70 MPa strength of concrete, the application of pure cement needs water binder ratio is 0.35, and when added 8% silica fume, water glue ratio can be 0.50. Due to very fine silica particles, they can be within the very early hours occurring volcano ash reaction. According to the research, the main contribution of silica fume on concrete strength is before 28d. Therefore, in the long-term strength growth of silica fume concrete, generally considered that silica fume is less than pure cement concrete or fly ash concrete. Some scientists cited on the national standard concrete strength test, results show that, silica fume quantity increases makes early relative strength development is reduced, other scientists in 65 MPa concrete also discovered this phenomenon.

However, although in the same water binder ratio of silica fume concrete early relative strength development is slower than the pure cement concrete by adding silica fume, the strength is greatly improved, silica fume concrete absolute strength is higher than the pure cement concrete. On the other hand, experience shows that, high performance concrete early strength development is faster than the national standard concrete, although high performance concrete setting time may be slightly delayed, its hydration after setting due to high efficiency water reducing agent and silica fume to greatly speed up. The result is usually after condensation the strength develops very fast.

For some air drying or curing the very low water gel ratio of silica fume concrete, has compressive strength retraction report. This reduces strength usually occurred in 90D age, it is generally thought by the internal self drying and caused by drying cracks. However, many other researchers in laboratory and field studies show, high performance of concrete is not reduced. For example, from 6 different high performance concrete get 3 months to 3 years for all core sample test, results show that the strength is in constant growth. Of course, compare with the national standard concrete, high performance concrete strength in long-term potential growth is small.

Silicon powder processing technology, according to metal powder supplier, raw materials for making silica fume silicon blocks has many methods. Which have good effect and widely applied is the Raymond method, roller method. The device is Raymond method, the roller machine. From the principle of powder, has extrusion grinding and crushing, from its structure, different greatly, have distinguishing feature, each have advantages and disadvantages.

The following let us simple said about Raymond method, Raymond methods required equipments has jaw crusher, bucket elevator, a storage bin, the electromagnetic vibration feeder, Raymond mill, blower, analysis machine motor, fineness machine analysis machine, dust collector and dust collector. The silicon block first through jaw crusher broken, then the bucket elevator put the break silicon block to a storage bin, a storage bin material by electromagnetic vibration feeder conveyor to Raymond mill, after Raymond mill machine grinding the material (analysis of motor, fineness machine analysis machine is used to adjust the mill abrasive fineness and the speed of the blower ) sent the material to the dust collectorBusiness Management Articles, through precipitator ( which is the equipment to eliminate or reduce the content of fly ash in flue gas dust ) get out from the collector is finished.


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