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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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The efficacy and role of wild honey

The so-called wild honey, as the name suggests is the honey picked from many wildflowers in the mountains, also known as flowers honey, various flowers honey.

The so-called wild honey, as the name suggests is the honey picked from many wildflowers in the mountains, also known as flowers honey, various flowers honey, is a mixture honey, because of picking from hundreds of flowers, gather the essence of flowers, it is sweet and moist, nutritional tonic, with clearing heat and detoxifying, moisturize, convergence and other effects, and there are many medicinal herbs in the mountains, from a nutritional perspective, it is more nutrition.

The function and role of wild honey: wild honey can improve blood composition, promote heart, brain and vascular function, regularly taking is good for patients with cardiovascular disease. The reducing sugar in wild honey can be directly absorbed into the bloodstream, thus play the role of nutrition heart, improving myocardial metabolism, improves blood supply to the myocardium, make the red blood cells and hemoglobin content increasing in the human body, effectively contribute to improve hematopoiesis.

According to biotin supplier, honey contains a certain amount of biotin, can effectively promote tissue regenerating. Strong repair capability can effectively stimulate cell dividing and growing, promote wound tissue regenerating, accelerate wound healing. Can aid in treating various skin trauma and help to repair skin, against daily aging damage. Before and after a variety of high-tech beauty, honey can also be used to help the skin repair.

Honey can quench thirst, clearing heat, dispelling wind and detoxification, calming the liver and bright eyesight, particularly for diseases such as scabies, acne have good treatment effect, to rheumatism also have a certain effect, is a good beverage for sunstroke prevention. Have the effect of beauty, regulate hormones, anti aging, beauty facial mask moisturizing. Regulate eating wild bees can prevent cancer, anticancer, help memory. Honey has a very good anti-bacterial effect, mature honey stored for thousands of years would not corruption. In ancient times, people used honey to preserve the body; in medicine, honey can be used to save organs, particularly the bones and teeth, not only free from infection, but also improving the survival rate of transplant.

Wild honey has significant anti-aging role. Eat honey frequently can build body, anti-aging and longevity. Honey contains a surprising amount of antioxidants. It can clear the body "junk" - oxygen free radicals, achieve anti-cancer, anti-aging effect. Children often eat honey can contribute to development. Teeth and bones will grow fast and firm, and can enhance the resistance to disease. Wild Honey has antiseptic effect, regular consumption of honey, can achieve the disinfection effect in the oral cavity.

Honey has a very good role in lubricating the intestines, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, can be used to treat constipation. Simple sugars, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids in honey do not need liver process synthesis, directly into the blood for the body, play a protective effect on the liver. Glucose, vitamins and magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and other substances in honey can nourish nerve, regulate the nervous system, so as to play the role of promoting sleeping.

Beauty effect, honey is a natural cosmetic raw material. Honey used for skin care and beauty, long-term use can reduce wrinkles and improve skin quality, wild honey looks relatively thin, not very sweet, but fragrance come into nostrils, better effectiveness than common honey. Wild Honey pollen are not mixed with any pesticide ingredients, so the produced honey are pure natural organic honey, these honey is filtering by hand, without adding any other chemical ingredientsComputer Technology Articles, are the truly green pure honey products.


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