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Saturday, April 20, 2019
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The Four Biggest Reasons why Businesses Fail... And How to Avoid Them Simply, Easily, And Without Fuss

Everyone's trying to make a buck - or two - on and off theInternet, these days. Yet, from the smallest home-basedenterprise to multi-million dollar dotcom empires,businesses are failing, too, like nev...

Everyone's trying to make a buck - or two - on and off the
Internet, these days. Yet, from the smallest home-based
enterprise to multi-million dollar dotcom empires,
businesses are failing, too, like never before.

How can you make sure that YOUR business doesn't end up in
the scrap-heap, after all your hard work? The majority of
businesses - including network marketing opportunities -
fail because of four problems:

1) People have never been taught how to manage their
business or their personal finances.

Most people would never even consider submitting their
resume for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position of a
company, yet they hire themselves as the CEO of their own
business without a second thought! At the same time, we
hear those stories of folks who, with minimal business
background, make a killing in their first year in business.
How did it happen?

In a word, training. Training means learning anything and
everything you can about doing business, about marketing,
about customer service, about number-crunching. And there is
training available - on and offline, much of it free or very
inexpensive. Those who are open to learning, and take
advantage of as many training opportunities as they can,
stand a much greater chance of succeeding.

2) People cannot effectively sell, recruit or train.

Many people fail in all types of businesses because they
cannot effectively sell their product or services, and they
are not effective at training their team.

The most obvious solution to this problem is to make sure,
in the first place, that you are selling a product that you
know and understand, and that you absolutely believe in.
Then it will sell itself, with much less effort from you! So
give careful thought to the opportunities that present
themselves to you - do you believe in the product or service
YOURSELF, enough that all you'll really need to do is hone
your presentation of the facts?

3) People cannot survive five or six months of negative cash

It is a known fact that most businesses -- including network
marketing plans - take many months to begin to pay off. This
creates a great deal of difficulty for most people, who
really can't afford to wait that long.

So take the blinders off, and be discriminating when you are
looking at business opportunities. Don't be afraid to look
past the 'hype' and take a deep look at the real numbers -
how hard will you have to work, and for how long, before the
paycheques are worth more than the paper they're written on?
And speaking of paycheques ...

4) People are driven by MONEY, when they really need to be
driven by a MISSION.

We can move mountains when motivated by a real passion for
things more noble than money. The passion to help others,
for example, produces the energy and creativity of
greatness. We've heard the expression, and it has repeatedly
proven true in business - 'do what you love.' The money WILL
inevitably follow very closely behind.

Find out what YOUR passion is. What MISSION will drive you
to the greatest heights in business? Don't settle for
anything lessArticle Submission, and you WILL reap the rewards that are sure
to be the result!

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Nancy Bornes is a successful entrepreneur through
using the principles described in this article.
Visit her website at

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