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Saturday, October 31, 2020
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The importance of the silicon element

Silicon is a semiconductor material can better stand up today's device technology development test than germanium. In 1966, it had been produced40,000 kgsemiconductor grade silicon (ultra-pure single crystal silicon, the impurity content is less than 1/109), so that produce four billion components.

In 1966, the amount of silicon used in this field was more than germanium. Industrial silicon powder drawn into monocrystalline silicon are widely used in high-tech fields, is essential raw materials of integrated circuits, electronic components. The integrated circuit composed by silicon transistors and other components, the level of integration is increasingly high, the scale is increasing large, but the components are smaller. A diameter of 75mm silicon wafer, can integrate tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands or even millions of components, form the microelectronics, and thus emerge microcomputer, microprocessor and so on.

In the aluminum substrate, grow a 10-25 microns thick layer polycrystalline silicon thin film, this is a cheap and lightweight solar cell materials, suitable for use in space and on the ground. According to metal powder supplier, silicon is the main material of the transducer isotope battery. The transducer is a device that turned the thermal energy emitted by the isotope heat source into electrical energy. Transducer made by silicon-germanium alloy, its operating temperature is up to 1000, with good mechanical properties and oxidation resistance, is not easy to evaporate and poison in high temperature, both can work in vacuum and air.

Space shuttle's heat-resistant and light silicon watts, when the space shuttle returns to the atmosphere, it can protect the body from the damage of more than 1000 high temperature . The use temperature of natural rubber and synthetic rubber, is generally below 150, otherwise it will deteriorate. Silicone rubber developed in the 1940s, based on the semi-inorganic polymer elastomers which use SiOSi as the main chain, both have some certain characteristics of inorganic and organic materials, wide operating temperature range. The silicone rubber has excellent resistance to ozone, alkali-resistance, physiological inert (no adverse effect on the human body, can be used as a repair material in certain organs, such as artificial joints) and electrical properties. Some special structure silicone rubber have excellent oil resistance, solvent resistance, radiation resistance and other characteristics, so the silicone rubber has been widely used in aviation, the astronautical technology, electrical and electronics industry sector.

Use 110-2 methyl vinyl silicone rubber as raw rubber material, acetylene black as filler can be made of conductive rubber, is the ideal conductive material to connect the integrated circuit and LCD in electronic table. Silicic acid in water can form a gel, therefore, can be prepared an adsorbent---silica gel. Silica gel is a polar adsorbent, have a strong adsorption capacity to H20 and other polar substances, commonly used as a desiccant and adsorbent in industry. An aqueous solution of sodium silicate is called water glass, sodium silicate is called sodium metasilicate in industry. Wood and fabric soaked in water glass, can anti-corrosion, not easy to catch fire.

Pure silica crystals called quartz. Quartz is melted into a viscous liquid at 1600, the internal becomes irregularly shaped, when cooled again, it is difficult to re-crystalline because of the large viscosity, become the quartz glass. It has many special properties, such as it can through the visible and ultraviolet light, can be used for manufacturing UV lamp and optical instruments; its expansion coefficient is small, able to withstand drastic changes of temperature, and has good acid resistance (except hydrofluoric acid), therefore, is often used to manufacture advanced chemical containers. The energy transmission system matched by medical laser is made of quartz optical fiber, it is not only delicate, lightweight, flexible and comfortableArticle Submission, but also can input the laser energy to human internal organs to heal.


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