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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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The One Big Trick to Small Business Success

If you're looking for love. Get a dog.If it's tricks you want. Get a pony.Or is it the other way ... I'm back. I was ... by ... I ... was I? Oh yeah. This isn't about

If you're looking for love. Get a dog.

If it's tricks you want. Get a pony.

Or is it the other way around?

Sorry. I'm back. I was distracted by something I thought.

Where was I? Oh yeah. This isn't about your animals.
You're expecting something about your small business

I can focus on that...

The One Big Trick to Your Small Business Success?

Short and Sweet.

Do whatever you must to Pay your business bills until your
Home Grown Internet Biz is a Success.

That is The One Big Trick...


You must survive. You must find sources of income to cover
your recurring overhead until your primary business
generates positive cash flow.

In other words, you've gotta have more coming in than going

Oh phooey, you say. That's just commonsense. Everybody
knows that!

OK. If everyone knows that, why do 95% of the small
internet business start-ups fail?

Because the owner's didn't know what they were doing? Nope.
The internet is jammed packed with Free small business how
to guidelines and free help. If anything, there's too much
help bouncing about.

OK, you say. Then the failures are the result of novices
trusting scam spinners. They get lied to. Taken advantage
of. Cheated out of their business operating funds.

Eventually they lose their dreams. So they give up in
despair. Say it can't be done.

Well, maybe. But I don't think so. It takes a certain type
of mind set to fall for scams and pie in the sky frauds.

That mind set goes hand-in-hand with laziness and the greed
of wanting something for nothing.

Yeah, I know. I'm The Laziest Dude on The Intenet. That I
am. But I'm lazy in the right way. I find methods that
work hard so I don't have to. I find/invent and use smart
tactics and tools that are working for others.

In all fairness to those of us who Have fallen to the sweet
siren song of the vultures... the internet IS a huge source
of free information.

Because we're accustomed to getting so much for free, it's
easy to forget our home training. We begin to think that
maybe it's true.

After all, Everyone is saying so. Get rich quick. Turn $25
into $10,000 in 30 days, etc. It does become lulling. So
much so that we let down our natural scam protection senses.

That's the biggest reason the dedicated scam artists make
their sales. They're getting a lot of unintentional help
from the newbies who haven't yet learned which way the
internet wind is blowing.

But after two or at the most three, trips into the back
room, there's just no excuse. Sorry. At some point, we're
getting what we asked for.

So no. I don't buy your biz is failing because you've been
robbed of your money and your dreams.

Both big business and small internet business fail because
they can't pay their overhead. They're not selling. Pure
and simple.

For an example, let's take my Home Grown Internet Biz. My
long term goal is residual income. That's income that keeps
paying me after I've quit doing the work.

But I'm not doing it for the money. I want the residual
money for the *stuff* it will give me. I've got more
traveling to do. There's lives I want to change. There's
hungry kids that need love. Don't get me started.

So I'm not doing it for the money. But I have to make
enough money each month to cover my overhead. Otherwise my
biz won't survive. So that's my first order of business.
Pay my bills.

My primary business medium is the internet. No matter what
you hear, selling a residual income opp via the internet is
not a walk in the park. But with a consistent long-term plan
it can be done.

The internet gives me cheap marketing tools, fast effective
systems and access to a huge market. The only trouble is, a
residual income biz opp is the hardest sell on the internet.

Because of the psychology of the internet players and the
general public's residual income biz opp misconceptions, I
market the biz opp on the back-end.

Back-end marketing, by it's very definition, is a series of
studied and tested steps. Even with the best of success,
you don't usually fall into profit overnight.

Therefore, I must develop front-end sales to pay my bills.
That my dear friend, kills Four birds with One stone...

1) Front-end sales pay my bills.
2) Front-end sales develop my in-house list of customers.
3) Because I give my in-house customers more value than I
take, they trust me and therefore they are my naturally
occurring back-end market.
4) Front-end sales allow my Home Grown Internet Biz Survive
while my primary Home Grown Residual Income Biz continues
to grow. And that my Dear FriendArticle Submission, is ---

**The One Big Trick to Your Small Business Success!**

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