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Monday, November 29, 2021
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The purchase and maintenance of canvas bags

Canvas bag is made of thick coarse cotton or linen canvas, and it's the name because canvas for first used in the sails. It is usually divided into canvas and fine canvas that two categories canvas.

Warp and weft of fine canvas is usually 10 feet / 2 to 21 feet / 6, for the production of labor protective clothing and supplies. After staining, it can be used as shoes, travel bags, backpacks and other fabrics.
With more and more design elements of the canvas bag, canvas market formed a driftwood brand represented pursuit of fashion. Canvas is the new darling of the moment fashionable. Canvas is basically wild type, phase contrast can be any clothing. Single-tone canvas bag is the most common single product, although very useful, but I believe you sometimes feel tired, then it may choose a light-colored canvas bag to accompany you shopping patterns it.
How to choose canvas bag it? In recent years, nonwoven bags and canvas bag with its colorful, fashionable, inexpensive features more and more popular with girls. But because the market has not yet formed a stable, canvas bag mixed, how to find a stylish, youthful, lively, durable canvas bag has become the biggest wish of girls.
First, from the fabric, cloth mainly canvas, corduroy, velvet, woolen fabrics for winter will be accompanied by a number of fake fur, good quality canvas, corduroy uniform texture, smooth to the touch, feel relatively not very is smooth. Second, from the lining, and cotton, cotton and chemical fiber lining of the lining compared to the more firm, and not easy drawing, we may often encounter this situation: the bag did not look bad, in the material first broken, so buy the bag, the lining is very important. Some brand bag material there will be brand LOGO, of course, prices have been increased. Third, from the ingredients on the bag, recycle bag compared with the cloth, the shape is not solid, it is easily deformed, so the production of cloth, generally on the pressure in the layer of non-woven fabric to form a solid package, the more weight non-woven The higher the price of cloth, bag-shaped fixed was the better, so in general, metal case of the same ingredients, a little amount of heavy cloth. Fourth, from the work, the more fine sewing pins, bags and more solid, more is not easy to open the line. Fifth, from the ingredients on the hardware, that is, zippers, rings, hooks, etc., I now see the best may be copper, of course, weight is also important.
The maintenance of canvas bag: 1, after cleaning up the shade to dry naturally, do not let the hot sun, prolonged sun exposure, or a place to put high-temperature baking, to prevent the back plastic or unglued, accelerated aging. 2, the force should be gentle when cleaning uniform. Fierce brush can not be forced, in order to avoid short-term, or brush patterns and decorative shoe body parts. 3, avoid contact with sharp or pointed objects to prevent scratches scratched. 4, for the white canvas, not with carbon ink and other items difficult to clean contacts. The color of the canvas cleaned, rpet bag coated with toothpaste, or white chalk powder. Note should be uniform, and later dried in the air, can prevent discoloration. Or two to find a clean white paper kept in the above, dried tear. That can prevent discoloration. 5, there appear disconnected, droppedFind Article, or decorative component loosening small problems should be promptly repaired. To extend its service life. Source:

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