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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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The purposes and production of electrolytic manganese

Electrolytic metal manganese is the main materials of manufacturing the manganese tetroxide, due to the high purity, less impurity, it is an important element of stainless steel, alloying elements, but also high-strength low-alloy steel, aluminum-manganese alloy, copper, manganese alloy welding rod, iron and oxygen body, permanent magnet alloy elements, and many pharmaceutical and chemical indispensable raw material for the production of manganese salts; newly developed damping alloy is also used the electrolytic metal manganese.

In recent years, the world aluminum industry has become the main user of the electrolytic metal manganese. In the iron and steel industry, the electrolytic metal manganese also used to be deoxidizer and desulfurizer.

According to statistics, the average per ton of steel consume electrolytic metal manganese 0.06kg. With the advances in metallurgical technology, efficient steel and injection metallurgy technology has been greatly developed, electrolytic manganese metal powder in the metallurgical industry has been increasing, the expanding dosage is beyond above indicators.

In recent years, due to the rapid development of special steel, in particular, the development of China 200 series stainless steel, the proportion of manganese metal is growing in metallurgy. Aluminum-manganese alloy for modern light the US-based building materials, the decoration engineering materials, anti-corrosion and underground engineering support material. In recent years, aluminum-manganese alloy has entered in residential buildings in china, which greatly expand the manganese market.

Electrolytic metal manganese is widely used in metallurgy, medicine, electronics, communications and other fields. With the development of science and technology, the application of electrolytic manganese expanding market demand annual growth of about 15%. The Chinese manganese annual production capacity is up to 80 million tons, accounting for 80% of world production. Over the years, the majority of Chinese electrolytic manganese for export, mainly exported to Japan, Korea, Europe, United States and other countries.

Electrolytic metal manganese is using manganese stone by acid leaching manganese salt, then sending to electrolyzer to electrolytic precipitation of elemental metal, the purity of electrolytic manganese is high, manganese is greater than 99.7%, therefore it mainly use in the aviation industry, metallurgy and non-ferrous metals smelting. Its role is to increase the hardness of the material of the composite metal, the most widely used are the manganese-copper alloy, manganese alloy, manganese alloy strength, toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance can be improved in these alloys. Manganese is an indispensable additive in smelting industry, electrolytic manganese processed into manganese powder is the main raw material for the production of manganese tetroxide, the original magnetic material widely used in electronics industry is the production of manganese tetroxide, the electronics industry, metallurgical industry and the aerospace industry electrolytic metal manganese.

Electrolytic metal manganese is with high purity, and its role is to increase the hardness of the material of the composite metal, the most widely used have manganese-copper alloy, manganese alloy, manganese in these alloys can improve the tensile strength, toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

In Chinese electrolytic manganese industry, Hunan, Guizhou, Chongqing manganese triangle junction is the concentration of manganese. Due to the early and rapid development of manganese, now in Xiushan, Songtao has been already tight supplying, coupled with the local government repeated collection of resources compensation, charge dozens yuan per ton if they sent out of country, the prices of manganese ore is accounting for 1/3 of the cost of electrolytic manganese. Chongqing, Songtao, Xiangxi mine have an common phenomenon that mined disorderly, tens of thousands tons of reserves only half, and the resource recovery rate is very low, only about 50%. In mining, abandoning the poor to the rich is seriously, ore grade from 19% down to 16%. But rich ore supply in Guangxi Daxin's reserves are 100 million tons, enough for decades of using. Manganese price is mainly influenced by the relationship between supply and demand of electricity and raw materials. Metal powder supplier generally concentrated in the south, where usually rely on hydroelectric power generation, flood season and dry season on the power quite closely related with the production of electrolytic manganese. Usually every 4-10 months in the year have abundant rainfall, the power situation is better, have normal production. Other months is due to rainfall led to power shortages, the factory production will be reduced accordingly.

At present, the Chinese electrolytic metal manganese production mainly to 99.7% (now most of the manufacturers are actually up to 99.8%), only a few manufacturers to 99.9% (the market demand of 99.9% is smaller, But many companies are known for the feasibility study report that they produce 99.9%), the main raw material manganese ore as manganese oxide ore and manganese carbonate ore two categories, in addition to the exact way is different from before the processes in the system liquidFree Articles, electrolytic production process is basically the same.


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