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Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Tips To Protect Your Wooden Hospitality Outdoor Furniture

Hospitality outdoor furniture has a vital role to play in the productivity of any hospitality business. Outdoor furniture is set up with intention to increase the seating capacity of business by accommodating more visitors in addition to your regular seating space inside the premises. 

That said, setting up outdoor furniture also means that it will be more vulnerable to environmental elements that exist in our atmosphere, thus making your outdoor furniture prone to more wear and tear than the furniture you have set up inside the premises.

If you are choosing wooden outdoor furniture, you must prepare to receive  accolades for classy looks it lends to the seating area as well as additional care and maintenance it requires to keep looking like new for a long time to come. Wood, however, can be easily damaged in harsh weather conditions. Hence, it becomes inevitable that you should take necessary precautions to give your furniture extra protection it needs during harsh weather conditions. Read on for some simple tips.

Consider Your Location

You should know what kind of weather you'll be dealing with for most part of the year to safeguard your outdoor furniture with relevant protection. If the area where your hospitality business is located receives more than moderate rainfall, you may need a paint sealant to keep water out from penetrating the wooden surface of your furniture. If it remains sunny for the most part of the year, you may consider painting your wooden furniture  to protect it from the harmful UV radiations emitted by the sun. Most people are well-informed about the weather conditions in their area, so make sure to acquire only the protectant material that you actually need.


For the most durable and effective protection for your wooden hospitality outdoor furniture, use only A-grade paint on it. Although your furniture may lose its original classy look, the protection will more than compensate for it. Paint protection acts as a barrier between the harmful UV rays and underlying wooden surface by reflecting them away. You can choose from latex or oil-based paints to apply, though latex paint is recommended as it lasts for a long time and relatively easy to apply. There's no fixed time interval for re-painting your furniture surface; you should do it whenever you notice paint surface cracking, fading, or peeling.

Add Water Sealants

If your business is located in the area that receives a lot of rainfall during the year, you should apply A-grade water sealant to keep your wooden furniture completely protected from the water. This will help to keep the beauty of your wooden furniture intact while offering it a complete protection from the water damage.

Use Varnish

Using varnish is another tried and tested way to keep your outdoor wooden furniture protected. Different varnishes are availablePsychology Articles, so buy only that variety which is right for you and offers a complete and durable protection from prevalent weather conditions. It will help to maintain the look of your  wooden furniture but may not protect as well as the paint.

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Caluco has over twenty years of expertise in hospitality outdoor furniture industry. By building sustainability into the manufacturing process, utilizing environmental awareness, and taking pride to create elegant yet durable furniture.

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