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Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Top Ten Online Choices to Get Clients to Choose you Again and Again - Part 2

Top Ten Online Choices to Get Clients toChoose You Again and Again - Part 2Judy Cullins © 2004 All Rights ... you know that 95% of coaching ... fail because their owners don't pay enou

Top Ten Online Choices to Get Clients to
Choose You Again and Again - Part 2
Judy Cullins © 2004 All Rights Reserved.

Did you know that 95% of coaching businesses fail because their owners don't pay enough attention to sales copy?

Whether you are a professional speaker, coach, or entrepreneur, every business wants more clients. Even more, they want to entice clients to continue an ongoing relationship. Your Online sales copy matters. Here's the rest of the 10 top ways to get new clients and keep your present ones:

7. Create Benefit-Driven Home Page and Sales Letter Headlines

The number one mistake we make when we put up our first Web site without the direction of a professional copy writing coach is that we don't give them a reason to buy.

If you pay attention to your headlines on your home page and on your sales letters to include a few key words and the specific benefit your client will receive, you will start seeing an upsweep of sales.

Search engines look for these key words and will use them to up your listing number.

Are your homepage headlines so powerful and convincing they force your client to click to your sales letter? Do they describe benefits your potential client can see, hear and feel? Or are they wishy-washy saying something like: Welcome to my site. My bio is.... My mission is.... or "click here" to subscribe to my fabulous ezine?

Create a variety of headlines that have marketing pizzazz. They can be in the form of a question, a command, a shocking statement, but they are all full of specific benefits.

Which is better, "Quadruple your Online Income in Five Months with Free Articles," "Ten Steps to Online Marketing" or "Increase your Coaching Clients and Get Them to Choose You Over and Over?"

8. Make it easy for your clients to buy.

Some people hate to buy Online because they fear the security of their credit card information. Give them these options: an order form they can print and either send by regular mail or fax to your free 800 number, your toll free number, and instant downloading your product throught ClickBank or PayPal.

9. Give Up What's Not Working-Follow a Success Model

Don't make your home page a virtual brochure with your qualifications and offerings. It should contain only "Passion Headlines" that pull sales, one outstanding testimonial near the top, your ezine offer, and a few questions from your reader's point of view--all leading to yours sales message.

Include one sentence about you on the home page. People don't care about you; they want solutions for their challenges.

Model your web pages after a successful Coach's pages. Her pages made 30X the original $75 a month sales in just eight months. Why? One reason--her headlines seduced Web visitors to go to the sales message on her coaching services and eBooks.

The original first month's profits--$75. At the end of six months, they added up to $2250. Amazing to some to grasp, but totally possible for others who are willing to learn the Online marketing game. And, those numbers kept climbing the next year to over $3000 a month. She not only reached the top three places in Google and 35 other search engines, her Web site URL was listed on over 950 other Web sites with a link back to where she offered her coaching and eBooks. If you wonder why she was so successful, and all her efforts didn't cost a dime, email the author for a free report on Online Promotion.

10. Realize the power of copywriting with pizzazz.

If your Web site has been up more than a few months, and you haven't gotten enough business, consider reconstructing it so it pulls sales.

Apply these five writing exercises before you waste your time and money on a Web master. Some know sales language; some are techies. Get the right service first.

-- Know your specific audience, their needs and desires. This profile needs to include their problems, interests, values, resistance, and how they like to receive a service. Include how your service can benefit them specifically.

-- Use a worksheet to preplan your Web site. You must include your purpose. Do you want to make money, gain credibility, share your unique message? List each product and service in the order of importance. Then, focus your Online promotion on only one at a time. When I realized that my coaching services made up 2/3 of my Online income, I stepped up a special "soft sales" message I use both via email and phone to attract the right clients to me. Within two months, my one-on-one clients grew to 17.

-- List at least 10 benefits your service provides. Discover the five best benefits. Too many coaches and speakers don't know how to talk sales language for their services. They mistake features for benefits. Features don't sell, benefits do. You can use this list for your 60-second "tell and sell," your Web sales letter, and your email subject lines.

-- List 10 features too. Features explain your service. These are features:

--You offer phone sessions for the convenience of the client -you email back up support and information to help solve a particular problem -you take quick phone questions in between coaching sessions-you give a specific strategy session to accomplish a client's goal

-- Connect your five best benefits with your best features—the how you will accomplish the benefits. For example, "Finish your short book in 30 days with two methods that help you write each chapter fast and include the 7 "hot-selling points" to make it a great seller." Many books include features on the back cover: 5 Tips to, 7 Steps to, 9 Ways to. These features need the benefit added so potential clients or customers will have a reason to buy.

Tap into your creative side, either with a friend, associateHealth Fitness Articles, or an Internet Marketing coach who knows this uncharted territory--the language of sales.

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