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Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Website Questions Small Businesses Have Starting A Website

For many small business owners starting out, marketing your new business online with a website can be a bit scary.† Can I afford a website?† Do I really need a website?† How will having a website help my business?† The answers to these questions will put your worries to rest.

Itís okay!† We all get sweaty palms when dealing with technology weíre unfamiliar with.† Small business owners are no exception!† Most business owners become nervous and skittish at the idea of trying to start a website.†

Owners question how much the website will cost to build and maintain, how much time theyíll need to invest, and how a website will impact their business.† All are valid concerns, but none are terribly frightening website questions.†

Follow along for answers to a handful of the most common website questions business owners have about how to start a website.

1.† I donít want to sell anything online, do I really need to start a website for my business?

Yes!† With the massive popularity of the web, you canít afford not to have a website any longer.† People have become accustomed to finding everything and everyone on the internet.† So not having a website can leave a gaping hole in marketing your business.† Even if you donít want to sell online or market beyond the city you live in, you need to have a basic starting website.

2.† How does a website fit into marketing my business?

First, youíll want to define your business goals for why you want to start a website.† What do you want your website to accomplish?† Do you want your starting website to: present your business to a wider local, regional or national audience?† Refer people to call you for more information?† Sell your products and services directly online?

Even a basic starting website can accomplish all of those things quite easily, and more.† Talk with your web designer.† Ask family, friends and business associates for help in identifying your overall business objectives and think about how starting a website will fit into your overall marketing.

3.† I barely know how to use a computer, I donít understand website jargon and I donít want to spend time learning about the webóhow can I start a website for my business?

Relax!† Starting a website doesnít have to be painful.† As with any technology product or service, becoming familiar with basic computer and internet terms will alleviate a lot of stress when starting a website.† Having a basic understanding of the web will simplify the web design process and make it a breeze to start a website.

But donít worry!† You donít have to become an expert on computers, the internet or website designóthatís the job of your web designer!† Take some time to familiarize yourself with basic website and internet terms.† Ask lots of website questions when working with your web designer.† And donít fret, most web designers are used to explaining the ins and outs of starting a website for those who are less web savvy.

The above are just a few website questions to get your mind on the right track.† The more you understand your websiteís short and long-term marketing and business goals, the easier it is to start a website.† Starting a website doesnít have to be brain surgery!† It just takes a bit of learning; planning and research on the front end to ensure you and your business are successful on the web.

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