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Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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What Makes An Entrepreneurial Mindset?

This article describes the kind of mindset you need to be a successful entrepreneur. The author has gathered from his many experiences with new start-ups and advising businesses what it takes to see through a successful business. Conventional businesses involves great risk of resources particularly money; however internet marketing reduces them considerably. It’s easier to be an entrepreneur through internet marketing!

Success, often meaning the achievement of a desired goal, starts invariably with a kind of mindset. My experiences as an advisor to many entrepreneurs and my own in starting a number of new businesses revealed that, to be successful as an entrepreneur, how and what you think is of first importance.

An entrepreneur starts with a strong desire to own a thriving enterprise in order to fulfill his material and social goals. Status may be or not important to an entrepreneur but a desire for material wealth is. This is generally the main motivation behind the beginning of an enterprise and that of the person or persons in starting one.

Material wealth may represent different numbers of things, depending on how you possess it but to an entrepreneur, it represents freedom from want and from the control of other people. This passion for things and personal freedom especially if it involves doing something which the entrepreneur is passionate about is a key element in success. A passion for what you do breeds the incredible persistence without which no enterprise can endure or succeed.  

Another critical trait of an entrepreneur is a great belief in oneself. This is often a trait one is either born with or cultivated by adults, usually parents who build in this capacity for self-confidence in a child.  Self-confidence is evident of a belief in self and this one must have to be a risk taker. An entrepreneur is basically a risk-taker. All new enterprises involve great risks simply because they entail covering new environments and circumstances.  However, most successful entrepreneurs are not wild risk takers; rather, to be successful in business, careful calculations are often required. This explains the high number of failures in new start-ups.

Although an ability to persist is critical to entrepreneurial success, this must be coupled with an ability to focus.  A new business especially, has much to distract the entrepreneur from his main focus which is to make the business viable. The challenges that a business owner meets with are many and often new and surprising. There is a trite saying that ‘if you are in the middle of the river surrounded by crocodiles you can forget that your objective is to cross the river. Thus the need for this incredible focus, when doing a business, as the many problems can sometimes seem more critical than meeting with crocodiles!

Finally, for an entrepreneur to win, he must be willing to pay, often, a great price for success.  It is trite but true that achievement of anything worthwhile must come with effort, risk taking and cold hearted persistence often meaning deprivation of personal life, comfort and leisure. This price paying is associated with a mind that has no room for any notion of failure. An entrepreneur always aim to succeed and his idea of failures are lessons to be learned for ultimate success.

TodayArticle Search, the path to entrepreneur success is made less risky but easier by the advent of the internet. Your risk is more of time than money; the latter often substantial for an offline business. The author’s site in the bio or resource box would lead you to this opportunity to start an internet marketing business. Wishing you the best! Louis Lim

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Louis Lim is a highly experienced Certified Management Consultant who promotes entrepreneurship as basic skills for financial security! Louis has identified Internet Marketing as the latest opportunity for those seeking financial independence. He has decades of experience consulting for many firms and mentors many business leaders. He shares his business skills on the internet. To learn a skill how on to make money online, go to

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