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Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Why LED Police Lights Benefit Your Department

When outfitting police cruisers for your department, there are a lot of factors to consider. Mounting, light locations, and electrical compatibility are all important considerations, but a factor that is frequently overlooked is bulb type. Many older police cruisers are outfitted with obsolete or simply inefficient bulbs. This article will explain why Led Police Lights are a fantastic option for outfitting a modern emergency services fleet.

The foremost factor in considering LED police lights is the increased life span of the bulbs. LED lights often have projected lifespans of almost a hundred thousand hours of consistent use. For comparison, incandescent bulbs often last only a small fraction of this, sometimes less than 3000 hours. LED bulbs that are only in use for a few hours of each day will often last years without requiring replacement. The increased working lifespan of LED lights means your department will save money and time both on replacement bulbs and on the maintenance necessary to replace the bulbs when they would otherwise burn out.

LED lights also are remarkably power efficient, using only a tenth of the energy on average of older, incandescent bulbs. This means that the power demands put on your vehicles will be considerably less, and the compatibility greater. As an added benefit, parked vehicles with the lights on (for example, when directing traffic in work zones) will have considerably less fear of battery drainage, and less strain put on the vehicle’s batteries in the first place.

LED police lights can also help your department become more environmentally friendly. The increased lifespan and power efficiency of LED bulbs alone decreases their negative environmental impact, but LEDs that do finally burn out can, amazingly, be easily recycled. The materials used in LEDs are environmentally safe and will not poison their environment, unlike the substrates and gasses used in incandescent and, especially, fluorescent bulbs. The environmental friendliness of LEDs also means that many recycling facilities accept them, making the process of disposing of dead or damaged bulbs simple.

Color is another fantastic benefit of LEDs. LEDs actually produce colored light, instead of relying on tinted glass or plastic to create color. As a result, LEDs are very flexible and produce a clean, attractive colored light that is less subject to discoloration from wearing out over time. Older police lights often changed color over time as their tinted encasements wore down, but LEDs are significantly less vulnerable to this. Furthermore, LEDs produce colored light without heating a substrate material, meaning they are able to run cool and will not damage their encasement due to heat.

The lack of heat production brings us to the final factor that gives LED lights an advantage over other bulb types: durability. In addition to being designed to avoid heat damage, LED lights are compact and simple in construction. They are more difficult to damage than their bulbous, glass predecessors. They even work well even in winter environments without requiring time to “warm up.” When LEDs do malfunction or break, they are cost-efficient to replace as a result of their small size and arrangement; LEDs for light bars are arranged in arrays of many small bulbs, so replacing a single bulb is very low cost. As an added benefit of the array construction, the appearance of your lights is unlikely to be affected by the breaking of a single bulb.

As you can see, choosing LED lighting for your department’s vehicles is a shrewd decision on multiple fronts. Future-proofing vehicles saves costs and leads to a professional lookingComputer Technology Articles, easy to maintain fleet.

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