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Friday, September 18, 2020
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Good Manners Are a Career and Business Necessity

Has somebody carried on inconsiderately with you as of late, what did you do about it, took it in your step. As a rule discourteous conduct is not simply awful manners in any stroll of life; it is similarly awful for business as well.

Has someone behaved rudely with you recently, what did you do about it, took it in your stride. Generally speaking rude behavior is not just bad etiquette in any walk of life; it is equally bad for business too. The downside is, it is rampant in lot many workplaces as well. There is a clear and present danger of everyday impoliteness spreading its tentacles and pervading the entire work environment. It is important to note that rudeness has an incredibly negative impact on the workforce. In the event an employee sulks routinely and behaves grumpily, do not ignore the behavior for it has the incredible power to negatively affect the overall environment and bring down the energy of the entire workplace.

Be Socially Adept, Not Inept

Add to this inept handling of the situation by people who manage the workplace. Job search engines say people at the helm need to be socially adept and refrain from making inappropriate comments or display attitudes that vitiate the office atmosphere and escalate tension. The bad behavior by employees results in an uncomfortable workplace, being discourteous and impolite would invariably lead to a dip in performance, besides missed time, it is going to increase turnover, while at the same time recruiting new employees becomes increasingly difficult as the place earns the reputation of being a negative working environment.

Nip In the Bud

It becomes imperative to nip rudeness in the bud itself. Well how to go about it. You need to revisit your business etiquettes; essentially it is all about proper communication at all given times. The idea is to foster a positive work atmosphere, with respect and respectful interactions. One needs to encourage coworkers to praise, inspire and motivate each other instead of working at cross purposes. Politicking, creating unnecessary spectacle, avoidable distractions and other counterproductive on goings can severely impact your organization’s bottom-line.

Non Verbal Cues

Best job search sites say one needs to be extra careful during face to face communications in order to avoid incivility or come across as being discourteous. Pay attention to verbal signals as well as non verbal cues, facial expressions, body language, tone of voice among other things. For an effective communication to happen the message sent must be clearly received at the other end. How you say something is as important as what you say. It is important to seek clarifications rather than assume things and jump to conclusions. This practice is going to minimize miscommunications most of the time.

Communication Is a Two Way Street

Communication is a two way street. If your communication is clear and genuine, others will be more inclined to do business with you. It is better to avoid excess reliance on technology; one cannot do away with texting or emailing as they are practical means of communication and enhance the efficiency of the workplace. They can seemingly reduce rudeness, however they are prone to be misinterpreted and don’t seem to do much by way of promoting social relationship building.


It is always advisable to opt for face to face interaction as overuse of technology may have negative fallout on social skills and emotional intelligence. It is a given we tend to lose what we don’t use often. It is always better to have group interactions besides one on one communication. On an organizational level it is advisable to invest in time, energy and resources that aid team building skills and serve to enhance positive communication amongst employees. A culture of courtesy and politeness and professionally polished business etiquettes is going to make the workplace more pleasant and agreeable. Last but not the least, the work environment thus created is going to enhance the ability of coworkers to work harmoniously towards getting a promotion, bagging a project or signing a contract with humilityFind Article, decency and fairness in all earnestness.

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