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Friday, June 22, 2018
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How can I become a life coach the question many new aspiring coaches ask

Are you thinking of entering the coaching industry and becoming a life coach? If you think you have what it takes then you will need to ask yourself, “how can I become a life coach?”

Are you thinking of entering the coaching industry and becoming a life coach? If you think you have whatit takes then you will need to ask yourself, “how can I become a life coach?”
This question can be best answered by firstly having the passion to coach. Coaching should besomething that you are passionate about doing. You have a desire to help people and assist them in theimprovement of their lives. Without these qualities you can forget about a career in life coaching.
For those that do have the qualities and are sincere in their quest to answer the question, “how can Ibecome a life coach?” Here are the best answers on how you can do just that. It is not enough that youhave passion for coaching, it is also important that you get training for this passion. Yes, some coachesdo not get training or certifications and rely on their capabilities, but if you truly want to know how can Ibecome a life coach who is trustworthy and credible then acquiring training and certification is the nextbest step.
Now how do you acquire training? One can acquire training by two ways. One is to collaborate and workwith a mentor coach. This mentor coach of yours can guide you as you start out with your career as a lifecoach. He can show you the basics of coaching and guide you with what you need to know with runningyour own coaching practice.
Another way to get training is through ICF (International Coach Federation.) ICF is an accredited trainingprogram that offers coaching courses that follows standards for instructor qualifications, content, andminimum hours. You will receive an ICF certification if you attend training at an ICF accredited school.
Other questions you may be asking yourself besides, “how can I become a life coach” is how long willit take before I can start earning money from this career of mine? This question can have many differentanswers. You can earn income within 3 to 6 months of your coaching career, but to become a full-timecoach that earns full-time pay, it may take you 18 months. A part of the training you will receive involvesmarketing and promotional techniques, strategies and skills which you will have to pay close attention to ifyou want to start earning immediately. Proper training will help you in all aspects of your coaching careerthat is why it is important that you get it because if not you may have a hard time with your practice forsome time.
Other questions you may still ask yourself is how can I become a life coach and earn good money. Likeany other career, coaching does not guarantee you big bucks instantly. You will need much effort andpatience to earn well in any industry, but being in the coaching industry gives you a better possibility ofearning well. A study was made by Price Waterhouse Coopers, and commissioned by the ICF, found thatthe average yearly salary of a coach was around $82,000 and a part-time coach earned around $26Find Article,000.

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Jeffrey T. Sooey is the CEO of JTS Advisors and the founder of Coaches Training Blogcommunity.

Helps new and developing coaches with coaching skills and client acquisition by training and mentoring them in good coaching, sales, and marketing best practices.

Works with employers on eliminating hiring mistakes and implementing best practices in hiring employees commensurate with the job attributes.

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