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Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Job Hunting Mistakes: Why Passion May Be a Problem When Finding New $100K+ Executive Opportunities

Often we use the word "passion" to describe what we want in our next position. Identify your potential... so you have an opportunity to plug into your passion...

Anna is a client of mine who, after 25 years in her field, is tired of the work. It is boring and just doesn't get her juices going. She wants to strike out onto a new path or she wants to do something important and make a contribution.

"Karen, I just want to be passionate about what I do. I am so tired of working so hard and not getting any recognition," she exclaimed.

Can you relate?

Often we use the word "passion" to describe what we want in our next position. Usually we use it as a code word to say we want to do something interesting in our next role.

And that's where I begin to have a problem.

Since 2002, I conduct close to 300 free, no obligation, 30-minute Strategy Sessions in a single year. I really enjoy doing them because each situation is unique and different. Together, we brainstorm about how to approach a career or job search with fresh and insightful ideas, always looking to significantly improve your results right away.

But when someone, like Anna, says that they now want to pursue their passion in life, I get knots in my stomach.


Well, to be honest, pursuing your passion is NOT presenting your potential!

3 Reasons Why Your Current Thinking About Passion Should Change When Looking for New $100K+ Executive Roles

1) Passion is not something you pursue; it is something that you have.

Passion is applied to something that you are interested in. It is not a beacon of light in the darkness that will tell you that you've arrived at your destiny. When I talk to someone who is trying to find their passion out there somewhere I know that it will be a long time before they find it.

2) Passion is a result of success; not something you get when everything lines up right.

Passion is basically a follow-up emotion created when you are doing something you are good at. I never thought I would start and run an executive coaching firm. But as I got really successful at it, my passion came and now I love what I do.

3) Passion is the energy to persevere whenever we are challenged; it is not the momentum that propels you to a destination.

One of the reasons why, after landing, 80+% of executives become discouraged and disheartened within six months is because they are thinking incorrectly about "passion!" Many are looking for the employer to give them "passion" while doing their job. Within weeks of starting a new job, most realize that the new employer only wants a lot of hard work, doesn't appreciate their experience and gives them very little recognition for what they know.

Passion can be a "dangerous delusion." It sounds right, but it is oh, so, wrong.

Opportunities are being fought for vigorously by many, many others who want that job as much as you do. Making an emotional decision as to whether a position is right for you by using "passion" as the barometer, is a great way to extend your search, stay confused and/or get more stuck than before!

Now, I suggest you look at the pursuit of you next position by identifying your economic "potential."

How to Use Your Economic Potential To Find Great $100K+ Executive Opportunities

Answering these 5 tough questions can identify your potential...

* How you are meeting what the market demands today (not yesterday)?
* Why would someone want you as opposed to someone else?
* When will you provide a return on investment for the company?
* What latent potential do you have that is of value to the employer?
* How are you presenting yourself as a luxury, top-end item or a commodity?

If a potential employer sees some of these elements in you, then you have an opportunity to plug into your passion. And once success is yours, it is a-m-a-z-i-n-g how this fuel called "passion" shows up on the scene.

For more tools and information about how to land an $100K+ executive role, read my bio and click on the link to my website: or my blogFeature Articles,

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