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Thursday, June 27, 2019
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Finding Places Using GPS Cell Phones

Global Positioning System is the best navigational tool and is available in the cell phones now, which are called GPS cell phones.

Gone are those days when we used to carry the world map book or check out globe to locate a place. With the advancement in technology it has been made possible to view any place on earth at merely a hand long device. These are called the GPS devices. As the technology improved the service of GPS was made available to cell phones as well. Now you don`t have to carry a separate device to reach your desired destination if you have a GPS. enabled cell phone. GPS cell phone guides you to the way for any destination to want to reach, provided there appropriate software is installed in it.

What is GPS? It is the Global Positioning System which was developed by Department of Defense, US. They developed this service in order provide correct directions to the US military in time. Later on, it became public and now it is within the reach of an average citizen.

The working of GPS largely depends on three things: satellites; receivers; Earth monitoring stations. The signals from satellites are processed in the receivers, that is, cell phone, or any other device). This processing is done in order to make the user understand the location in best possible way as a user can not directly receive a signal anyway.

G.P.S. Cell phones in future are expected to have the feature of tracking any cell phone user. This service will be beneficial in case of emergency to track the number of the user who is in trouble like in case of an accident or any other emergency. The G.P.S. cell phones do not have the same quality as that of the GPS devices used by drivers, mariners and hikers. The devices go in detail of the location whereas the cell phones enabled don`t provide the locations with every corner explained. G.P.S. cell phone has the facility of Global Positioning System while it serves as a normal phone used for calling or sending text.

Locating people using G.P.S. cell phones is a great advantage of the GPS service. You don`t have to fear about your kids and family by keeping a track of their locations. In spite of its benefits, there are some issues concerning the personal privacy. The personal privacy may get violated if one uses the G.S.P. cell phone to track some one. There have been some laws passed to guarantee the privacy of the cellular phone user. Every object in this universe has its pros and cons and so does G.P.S. cellular phone.

Of late, different brands of cell phone are introducing G.P.S. services with their cellular phone models. Nokia 5140 comes with an accessory that enables the user to access the global positioning system services. The G.P.S. module LAM-1 also works with Nokia`s 9210 and 9210i mobile phone models. getGoing is a GPS service available with Verizon. Other mobile phones that support the global positioning system services are Audiovox CDM8600 and CDM9500, Motorola T720 and T730, and Samsung's SCH-a530 and SCH-a530s. GPS service like Go2Directory is available with Kyocera 3035e, VX4400, and VX4400B, Verizon Z-800, Audiovox CMD8600 and CMD9500, LG brand VX10, and Motorola T720 and T730.

In past few years there has been tremendous advancement in cell phone technology. GPS technology is a convenient method to locate a place or a personFree Reprint Articles, though it has some issues but the government will surely see to it and conclude a satisfying result as the need for G.P.S. cellular phone is being greatly felt amongst the officials as well as the civilians.

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