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Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Internet speed in Asia region

Network connectivity or internet has revolutionized all the nations across the globe. Every  aspect of human life seems to rely on the internet , starting from communication to education , entertainment, trade and commerce and, the entire world is at the finger tips of internet users with internet companies competing to provide the best internet speed alongside lowest possible cost.   

Internet speed is the speed with which online content is transferred from  World Wide Web  to your P.C tablet or smart phone or is uploaded to  the internet. In simple words ,Internet speed  is the browsing capacity/speed of your internet service  provider..The more speed of internet is ,the faster you will be able to browse. According to global speed test  A band width or internet speed is 25mbps and above is considered a good speed . these speeds will facilitate most online activities like HD streaming ,download,browsing,online gaming and music.


Overall, the worlds largest continent provides the most affordable internet packages with excellent speed to its humungus population of internet users on various interfaces. The Internet Service  varies greatly among the countries of Asia. In Singapore the average internet speed is  185.25mbps whereas brunai is  at the bottom of the list with 15.1mbps average speed .To understand this disparity, consider  the following analogy: in order to  download an hour of Netflix  content in singapore will merely take 3seconds to  but the same content will take 3 minutes 18 seconds to download in Brunai . similarly UAE is considered a nightmare for internet users who have to pay cost reaching upto  $160 for a relatively slower internet speed of 38.16 Mbps .  the same user in Singapore   will have to pay 40-45 dollars  for much better band widths .


Notably china and india offer their 2.7 billion combined residents ,internet for less tham 40$/ month.brunei and laos being the exceptions with broadband cost approaching a whooping 240$ per month, iran kazakistan and Syria provide reasonable internet speeds for as less as 5.4$ 13$ and 12$/month  respectively. Bhutan has the cheapest broadband in asia( as well as 6th cheapest globally) with an average package price of 104/ month.the price of fixed line broadband continues to fall while speeds continue to increase. The countries with slow patchy broadband infrastructure that supplies only a small percentage of the population tend to charge the highest cost. Likewise those with exceptional full fibre FTTH infrastructure supplying majority of population tend to be cheapest( dan howdle_cable).


The telecom sector is the fastest flourishing sector in Pakistan also. The dawn of the new century witnessed a mushrooming of numerous digital startups and intenet service providrs . this resulted in  a wave of competiotion among these companies  to provide the best possible package in terms of high speed and cost effective internet .  ptcl which has been the pioneer in the dispension of internet to Pakistani users was also the first to launch speed tests to accurately measure speed of the internet. Following this trend  a multitude of internet speed testing applications and sites flourished with  ptcl speed test according to  despite the challenges Pakistan faces in the IT sceotr , the international speed gauging platform OOKLA has said that pakistans 4g broadband is faster than that of india . according to speed test global index  Pakistan  is ranked 96th in terms of download speed and india stand at 109th place with  internet speeds of 14.03 and  9.12 Mbps respectively.


Countries that want to stay competitive in global race of technological advancements are now adopting 5g and gigabits technology. This can prove to be a real game changer in the rat race of providing feasible and fast paced internet. In asia the internet providers are ready to invest 370 $ billion in building out new 5g networks between 2018 and 2025Computer Technology Articles, accoprding to the latest asia pacific edition of GSMAs mobile economy series.  South korea has proved to be the pioneer in the launch of 5g services  throughout the nation .  24 more nations of asian continent alone aim at launching 5g service uptill the year 2025. These connections are estimated to contribute $900 billion to the regions economy.  China is  currently testing 5g services across all major cities and provinces and aims at launching it commercially by the end of year 2020. Singapore Taiwan and japan are all aiming to launch 5g by the mid of 2020. This will greatly improve the internet spped in asia and in turn contribute tremendously to the regions stability and economic uplift.


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