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Monday, November 30, 2020
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Reverse Cell Phone Lookup - Sifting Through Free and Paid Options

Looking for a free way to identify the owner of a mobile number?If this is your intention, you could be looking for quite a while. While it is very easy to quickly capture a wireless caller's name, c...

Looking for a free way to identify the owner of a mobile number?

If this is your intention, you could be looking for quite a while. While it is very easy to quickly capture a wireless caller's name, current address, past addresses, family member names and and so on, there is no free method for doing so.

But if you conduct a search on any major search engine, what you are going to find is that a large number websites offer free reverse cell phone lookup reports.

So what's the deal with that?

Free reports obtained from websites such as these are very limited in nature - but they are free. Just don't expect the free report to include the caller's name or address. The most you can expect to find in any random free mobile phone report is the caller's wireless service provider (i.e. Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile ) and the wireless number's issuing location. This scenario will be the case regardless of which website you visit that offers such a report.

So that's not very good.

What it basically comes down to is whether it's worth the expenditure of a fairly small amount of money to learn a caller's name, address and other personal details. Because you are not going to discover this information any other way.

Why reverse cell phone lookup reports aren't free

Understanding why personal information behind wireless numbers is not freely accessible will save time and frustration. Mobile numbers (and the associated personal information) are owned by the cellular service providers that issue the numbers. So if your service is with Sprint, then Sprint is the owner of the personal details behind your number. If your service is with T-Mobile, then T-Mobile is the owner of such information as your name, address and other pertinent details.

And so on.

If you recall, it wasn't so along ago when it was not possible to discover a mobile phone user's name and address for any price - unless the user actually disclosed this information to you. It was one the best advantages of owning a mobile phone from a user's perspective. You didn't have to worry about receiving calls from unwelcome callers like telemarketers, bill collectors or any other person or entity you would rather not deal with.

But those days are over.

Now all of the major cell phone service providers sell the intimate details connected with the mobile numbers they own to what are called reverse phone directories. These directories are independent data companies which primarily conduct business on the Internet - and are the only resource for identifying mobile phone users.

The vast majority of business conducted by such directories is the sale of personal information reports in connection with wireless numbers. But they also collect personal information on landline, business, unlisted, fax, pager and any other kind of telephone number.

What to look for in a reliable reverse cell phone lookup directory

If you decide that it is worth paying a bit of money to discover a caller's identify, then you now need to decide which website to purchase your report from. Most directories offer two purchase options: single reports and subscriptions.

Here's a brief description of both options:

(i) Single reports - are the logical choice for those who simply want to identify the owner of one particular mobile number and don't have need for an all encompassing phone directory.

The specific personal information disclosed in a typical report usually will include the caller's name, present address, past addresses, wireless carrier, issuing location of the number and family member names. This is the minimum amount of information you should expect to see in any given report.

These reports generally cost around $14 each.

(ii) Subscriptions - are for those who would like to have access to a complete phone directory all year round. Subscriptions are typically offered in monthly or yearly payments. If you plan to go this route, I would suggest purchasing a yearly subscription.

Yearly subscriptions typically cost around $40. Included in that price will be one mobile phone lookup report. The main advantage of a yearly subscription is the ability to run unlimited people searches and searches for landline and business telephone numbers. Additionally, some directories offer discounts on future mobile phone reports and other types of personal information reports, such a civil and criminal background reports.

Monthly subscriptions tend to be more expensive and are more difficult to cancel should you experience buyer's remorse. And unless you are some kind of private investigator or a particularly nosey person, you probably will not get your money's worth out of a monthly subscription.

Securing your purchase

Before you decide to make any kind of purchase on the Internet, you need to know what the vendor's return/refund policy is. Not only that, you also need to find out whether the vendor processes its own payments or uses a payment processor like PayPal or Clickbank.

Personal information is considered digital information on the Internet. When it comes to safeguarding purchases of digital informationBusiness Management Articles, no company does a better job than Clickbank. Clickbank is the Internet's leading digital retailer. The main reason for this is because the company offers a 60 day refund policy - the most generous refund policy you are going to find on the Internet for this type of transaction.

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A website can promise a lot of things when it comes to what information is going to be disclosed in a reverse cell phone lookup report. The best way to make sure the company delivers on its promises is to purchase your phone number lookup reports from a company that puts its money where its mouth is.

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