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Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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What Inspire Natascha. Kampusch Face the Miserable life?

Natascha. Kampusch was rescued after eight and a half years, now she can bravely face and share the miserable period of time. At the same time, She is mental healthy with the loving heart. So the pubi...

Natascha. Kampusch was rescued after eight and a half years, now she can bravely face and share the miserable period of time. At the same time, She is mental healthy with the loving heart. So the pubic is curious about the reasons why she can bear the terrible disabuse and want to know the mind change during this time. 

Natascha behaved as the self-confident, witty, sophisticated girl. In camera

Although she only can commute with Wolfgang for eight and a half years, Natasha's language isn’t "outdated." In the 40-minute interview, she is talkative and her answers are thoughtful, she behaved as “a highly educated intellectuals." British Times praised her, "she looks as cool and sophisticated as an actress in front of the camera. “  "Daily Telegraph" praised, “she is self-confident, witty, clear-eyed, and strong-willed."

According to reports, Natasha earned 100 million euros by media interviews. She planed to use the money to complete her studies. "I want to learn some things, which don’t need too much time" She also is prepared to be a writer or actor. Currently, She learn to surfer the internet and bought a backpack bag on line Her biggest desire is to travel with her mother. She also plans to set up a foundation to help troubled African famine victims, "I have experienced the taste of hunger, and I want to help them"

She used to experience the unsuccessfully suicide

She is self-confident and witty now.  When she is jailed in the dungeon, she used to attempt to suicide. The unsuccessful suicide made her cherish her life. She desperately hates the life in the dungeon. Once I even heard my name from the radio, a special writer, who is responsible for investigation of missing persons, said in a radio that they had no clue and did not find the body.  I was just crying and shouting: "I am here, I'm still alive!" Since then, she knew she did not want this over a lifetime. Only one thing could make her free, it was personally end my own life.

In fact, that was not the first time she attempted to suicide at age of fourteen. She had attempted several times to strangle herself with the clothes, slashed the waist with the pieces of LED Light Bulb  At her 15 years old, she has attempted to suicide with a big needle. One time, she lighted the toilet paper on the oven, the dungeon will be filled with smoke, and I would suffocate. However, when I was smoked and keeping cough, the instinct sense of survival drove me to cover her mouth and with wet clothes When Puri Claude Pierre found I attempted to suicide, his face was mixtured with anger and fear, he was worried I will ruin all. .

She began to make Wolfgang believe her two years later.

Two years later, Wolfgang bought a radio and newspapers for her. But the newspapers need to be carefully examined, after she read. As he feared she would wrote something on it. Since this year, Natasha began to pondering how to escape. "The idea of escape was kept in my mind. I think I maybe strong enough to escape from here at age of fifteen.” She said. Natasha faced the kidnappers alone, but still has the psychological advantage. "I think I'm stronger than him. His character is very unstable, without self-confidence." But Natasha knew he couldn’t be reckless, which could only increase his guard, if she failed/ therefore “I have to slowly make him believe me.” Recorded in her autobiography.

The cactus gives her bravery and courage.

kampusch said her favorite plant is the cactus. It is only a plant in the dungeon during the period of her captivity, "They do not need too much water, and they grown up are independently. They use thorns to protect themselves. They like the sun and can tolerate the cold. They know their heart."

Recalling the experience in the eight and a half of the time, kampusch said: "it felt like I was a poor chicken locked up in cages. You have seen the dungeon I’ve been on TV, - It was a desperate place. “

"I always asked myself again and again, in the tens of thousands of people, why such a thing happened to me, why it’s me.  I said to myself:" I came to the world, not to be locked up and ravaged. ""

Her relationship with Wolfgang

Earlier the Austrian media reported, “The relationship between Natasha with the kidnapper Wolfgang is very complex, it is the mixture of the kidnappers, the teacher and her father. In interview, Natasha was noncommittal. She admitted that Wolfgang would give gifts to her during his birthday,Christmas or Easter, such as Laser pointer and Backpack Bag But she thought it was an expression of his guilt.
Natasha admitted, “She was just a child, lack of security, she was asked the kidnappers to embrace her when she was imprisoned for a few months later. At her 14-year-old, she left the basement to the room upstairs to sleep; Wolfgang tied their wrists together with handcuffs. But she said they had no sexual relations.

On August 23, 2006, The18 years old girl- Natasha took the opportunity to escape from the clutches.  Then Wolfgang committed suicide. But she always carried the photo of Wolfgang and said, "I have forgiven him, or I will be full of hatred and negative emotions."

In the whole thingScience Articles, it is Natascha. Kampusch herself saves her own.

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