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Sunday, January 24, 2021
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8 Easy Tweaks to Avoid Manual Data Entry Challenges

Data entry jobs bring a lot of responsibilities that only a professional expert can carry out easily. There are many challenges that can actually interfere in the quality of work, which you can counter with a few smart tweaks such as staffing , leveraging technology, setting realistic target and many more.

Data entry is a critical job that only expert can perform with expertise. Discrepancies and invalid entries can shatter your reputation in the global market. Likewise, there are many other challenges associated with data entry, which you can get off with these easy tweaks. 

  1. Staffing To Reduce Burden of the Workload

No matter how efficient your operators are, data entry is a tedious job that does have scope for mistakes. This is the foremost challenge associated with it. Fatigue and stress often take toll on employees. They get overwhelmed with the same kind of project consistently, which fills a little bit of bitterness towards work. This approach leads to carelessness that oftentimes causes errors.

Hiring adequate number of employees can help you to distribute tasks equally and optimally, which lessens the possibility of resentfulness.

  1. Take Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance is the best alternative to get off any possibility of errors. There are a number of freelancers and professionals who tend to follow a discipline and shortcuts to handle repetitive data entry projects in a fast turnaround time. Some data entry companies take up entry tasks as an opportunity to provide assistance remotely.

But, you need to be sure that the service providers are in compliance with privacy policies and management regulations, like GDPR.

  1. Resilience to Set Up IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure is principally needed to host feasible working environment where copying, pasting and managing data would take just a few minutes to simultaneously happen. Sometimes, uncertain crisis like outbreak of a pandemic or disaster can interrupt your productivity.

You should onboard some applications and software to communicate, manage, screen quality and map efficiency from anywhere to counter disaster. Make sure that your data entry company has all these provisions.

  1. Two-Layer Quality Check

Double screening mitigates the risk of errors. A few small typo errors or wrong entries can shatter your reputation. So, you should have a standard to double check all work from scratch. Managers, team lead and supervisors can easily decide about how to make it possible.

You should get to regularly scheduling these double quality check systems to minimise errors. A wise distribution of this task can reduce turnaround time while keeping up the quality.

  1. Regulate Updating Automated Systems

Mostly, the virus breaks in when the software or application is obsolete or out of date.  It is necessary to keep your automated systems up to date so that it won’t need any patch work at any point of time. Data warehousing sticks around the ETL process, which has some applications aligned to automate data management after entries.

Make sure that those applications do not run out of date. Keep the back-up a regime as a preventive step. This can keep you safe from disasters due to malware, viruses and data loss.

  1. De-clutter Sources of Discrepancies

Despite double checking, discrepancies do remain there in tables, files or text.  It’s possibly because of the change in the format of the PDFs into text file or any other one. The only way to get rid of this challenge is to identify internal and external sources of inaccuracies beforehand.

This can save many precious hours and your work flow will run smoothly. Just make sure that you have maintained each database separately and properly.

  1. Set Realistic Targets

Realistic targets are something that you can achieve in real time. When you do this, it helps you to hit right at bull’s eye. So, don’t agree for such data entry projects that require hasty deliveries. At first, set and develop comprehensive goals and then, compute the task to be carried out per employee corresponding to his efficiency and competencies.

Presume and segregate the task of data capturing, data entry and then, processing. Management should be in the habit to take place every day.

  1. Leverage Technology

This is vital when you are engaged in the global outsourcing market. Entry work mostly sticks around digitizing invoices, documents and many other papers. You cannot straight away translate that paper-bound content into digital copies. Here, some revolutionary technologies come into play, like optical character recognition (OCR). It lets you to scan a heap of papers in no time.

Then, you can call programmers on duty to codify for scraping content from the graphical representations or PDFs. It can reduce your efforts and counter the challenge of digitizing data in a heartbeat.

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James is a data processing expert incorporated with Eminenture, encompassing data capturing, extraction and cleansing to draw patterns for feeding machine learning & AI. 

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