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Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Chess Analytical Ploys

    The chess cosmos    has been revolutionized by the advent of new computers and programs which    have rapidly engulfed techniques and strategies that (sometimes) allow it to    compete with succes...

    The chess cosmos
    has been revolutionized by the advent of new computers and programs which
    have rapidly engulfed techniques and strategies that (sometimes) allow it to
    compete with successfully even with the Great Masters.

    Many think
    that this change is limiting the creative horizon of chess players, but that's
    not exactly the case because this technology provides only "more knowledge"
    of the sequence of winning moves for a given position, and "more knowledge"
    relating to the indefinite sequence of moves in which it is not possible to
    acquire positional supremacy, Therefore, shrewdly, the players can exploit this
    new source to direct their talent in the myriad of still unexplored moves, also
    from technology.

    Fantastic !
    because today anyone can access at this information core to increase own
    chess skills, indeed, on the web are available many free chess programs called
    Chess Engines whose strength (ELO) is similar and sometimes greater than that
    of a Grand Master, furthermore, these software offer amazing performance even
    on computers of the past generation.

    Here is an overview of the main free programs available on the web :
    Stockfish - LC0 - Raubfisch - Gel  - RubiChess - Fisherov - SugaR
    and many others...

    The diaphanous intertwining of possible moves
    that can occur on chessboard was estimated by the mathematician
    Claude Shannon, and this estimate develops a number with 123 zeros !
    the games that can occur on a chessboard develop a number with 500 zeros !
    considering that today's most powerful chess computer calculates around 70 million
    positions for second, that computer would be busy for a few thousand millennia
    before completing the calculation of all possible combinations !
    In conclusion,
    even electronic chess cannot handle these astronomical numbers in a reasonable
    amount of time, however, the use of these tools leads us towards an objective saving
    of time that instead we can dedicate to the development of our irreplaceable creativity,
    by the way, It is also nice and comforting to remember that the demiurge of these
    computer creatures is the inimitable design fantasy of the human being, constantly
    thirsty for new discoveries...

    Thanks to the technology described above
    the game of chess is today studded with innumerable axioms,
    but the combinations are almost infinite, so, still prevail the infinite theorems,
    but today these theorems are supported by effective heuristic systems incorporated
    in modern programs whose main role is the elaboration of positional analyzes
    in a restricted time, a role that these software play with excellent results that man,
    under the same conditions, can hardly match.

    An interesting ploy to maximize the analytical capabilities
    described above (and thus save valuable time) consist in parallel and simultaneous
    start of several chess engines, each configured with different neural networks with
    the specific purpose of varying the main evaluation criteria of each chess engine ;
    this system displays all the details of the individual results and finally returns only
    one move considered the best using a comparative method of majority and score !
    in short, a beautiful overview, especially useful in the gigantic
    exploratory investigations...  
    Unfortunately this alternative solution is not supported by the normal interfaces
    (chess GUI), consequently, with meticulous patience and for not waive the empirical
    tests of the aforementioned system, I decided of modified some free programs,
    finally obtaining a program compatible with the common interfaces and that
    harmonizes the simultaneous processing of 5 chess engines ; thus now it is
    possible to use and test this analytic ploy ; "the program is Free and open source"

    For those wishing to experiment the aforementioned system,
    all information is available on my personal blog :

    Well, rightfully many will disagree with my theories,
    then, I conclude the article with a quote extracted from Voltaire's
    biography and conceived by the British writer Evelyn Beatrice Hall :
    "I disagree with what you say, but I'd give my life so you can say it"


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