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Saturday, August 17, 2019
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Dell Inspiron 15 5547 Reviews and Drivers Download

This article will shows you the Dell Inspiron series Laptop 15 5547 computer, and you also can download the Dell Inspiron 5547 drivers from here.

As Inspiron series flagship model, not only with the Win8 touch, and gave it a layer of silver-plated metal. Inspiron 15-5547 with a glossy touch screen, the experience is very smooth, there is no sense of delay; and pre-installed with the latest Win8.1 system. Equipped i7-4510U processor, R7 M265 2G dual-core + HD4400 discrete graphics; using 8G memory, 1T mechanical hard drive, the overall configuration is very good. Although not equipped with a solid state hard drive, but the response rate and the actual use of the boot speed is very fast. As an ultra-book, the thinnest reached 24.24mm, coupled with seductive brushed metal lid, it is very fashionable and stylish. But unfortunately, although the thickness of thin enough, but did not cut down the weight. Travel weight up 2.78KG, can only be said to be a passing standard in the 15-inch notebook.

Dell Inspiron series has been focusing on product modeling beautiful, stylish. The Inspiron 15-5547 is no exception. Pure silver brushed metal lid and comparable to high-end Dell XPS series, there is no cheap plastic casing feels ordinary notebook.
Upper cover with a rounded handle, well in excess of fortitude for the metal casing, making female users to use very coordinated fashion. While Silver shell is full with metal, but also more of a sense of the future of science and technology. Whether at home or office are very coordinated.

Inspiron series products are widely applicability, whether for business or home is also very fit. The interior with simple all-black processing, and use the class skin material, excellent touch use. But more painful is the imprint will be very easy to leave fingerprints, need regular care to maintain appearance.
For the all Dell Inspiron Laptop Drivers you can download from here: Dell Inspiron Drivers Download.

The Inspiron 15-5547 1080P with a full HD touch screen, the picture color and brightness outstanding performance. Choose a more excellent brightness glossy screen, and has no obvious cast sense viewing around the angle. This Ultrabook made touch as selling point, touch operation experience is very smooth. Whether it is the daily operation of the software, browse the web, or direct use screen handwriting input is very sensitive, feeling no delay procrastination.
However, when using the screen drawing tools painting, will feel a little friction. After a long touch-screen operation, the screen will be leaving a lot of fingerprints, we recommend paste screen protector.

Mainstream of island-style chocolate keyboard, not only beautiful, but also easier to clean. Due to restrictions the whole thickness, the keyboard key way is short, feel slightly more rigid. But the key bit design is very reasonable, the larger the distance between keys has a certain improvement for entry experience. Dell is still swap the traditional function keys F1-F12 function keys and multimedia keys, but the user can modify this setting in the BIOS setup. Touchpad with integrated design, supports gestures, feel very smooth. Class skin of the palm rest is very comfortable, but easy to leave a mark, requiring constant care.

All the hardware configuration drivers, Here you can download all: Dell Inspiron 5547 Drivers download.

The keyboard Keycap treated with matte, feel relatively good when touched. Relatively closed keycaps and larger spacing keys, making it easier to clean the dust. Sensitive switch key also provides switching lights, very intimate.

With integrated touchpad, feel very smooth, about more sensitive keys, and support for gestures.

Body back with a quick-release plate design, after the two captive screws unscrew, the body back can be very easily opened. More convenient daily cleaning dust, or post-upgrade.

Inspiron 15-5547 provides two USB3.0 interface, a USB2.0 interface, HDMI interface, RJ45 network interface card reader and headphone microphone combo interface, configuration is relatively abundant. Because of the size removed the built-in optical drive, which is now the mainstream ultra-book approach.

As a 15.6-inch ultra-extreme, thickness control in the range of values within 24.24mm ~ 24.41mm, levels are relatively slim. Bare metal weight of 2.422kg, plus the weight of the power of 2.78kg, still slightly heavy, suitable for use backpack to carry.

The test of the Dell Inspiron 15-5547 in the hardware configuration, equipped with a fourth-generation Intel Core i7-4510U processor (Dell Inspiron 15 5545 is A8 processor), provides 8G memory and 1T mechanical hard drive, a new generation of discrete graphics with AMD Radeon HD R7 M265 2G alone significantly, the whole life time of good, very good touch experience.

Mainly for entertainment or daily office, gaming performance is weak.

The fourth-generation Intel Core i7-4510U processor, clocked at 2.0GHz, the maximum frequency of 3.1GHz, has two physical cores, supports Intel Hyper-Threading technology, TDP is 15W, is an upgraded version of i7-4500U. Wide range of applications, the performance of the mainstream, to cope with everyday web browsing, video games basic enough; low power consumption while bringing lower heat and longer battery life.

R7 M265 is the latest generation of AMD released graphics card, performance is equivalent to Nvidia GT 740M. Has 384 stream, processors clocked at 980MHz, the bit width 64Bit, the capacity at 2GB DDR3, view from 3DMARK 11 score points of running than the previous generation of the same location HD8750M graphics card.

In short, the Dell Inspiron 15-5547 super pole, from the configuration point of view, i7-4510U, HD4400 core + R7 M265 significantly, 8G memory, 1T hard drive, plus 1080P touch screen can be very good. Although not equipped with SSD, but through actual experience, and did not appear too slow or read the file boot delay phenomenon, touch screen experience is also sensitive than expected. Minimum thickness control to 24.24mm, plus brushed metal lid to make it look very stylish appearanceFind Article, but the 2.4kg of body weight to be strengthened.

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