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Saturday, August 8, 2020
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How Spam Filtering Service Works and Ensures the Deliverability of Legitimate Emails

Many legitimate emails often end up in the spam folder. To ensure this doesn’t happen to your emails, you need to understand how spam filtering service works.How Spam Filtering Service Works?The...

Many legitimate emails often end up in the spam folder. To ensure this doesn’t happen to your emails, you need to understand how spam filtering service works.

How Spam Filtering Service Works?

The spam filtering service has gateway spam filters installed at the border of the company’s network. These servers act as the first line of defense against spam. All emails coming to the company’s mail server must pass through gateway spam filters. Only when they pass the above-mentioned checks they are allowed to enter the organization network.

Based on the client requirements, the anti-spam solution provider might use outbound and inbound filters to prevent spam.

Basics of Filter Technology

Spam filter technology may be placed for inbound and outbound mail. Both types of filter technology use algorithms and advanced heuristics technology known as Bayesian. Algorithms in this context refer to rules that tell a program what to do.

Heuristics work by checking emails messages against thousands of algorithms. Each algorithm assigns a numerical score to the probability of the email message being spam.

Email Reputation and Its Impact on Email Deliverability

When you run an email campaign, the mailbox providers run certain checks before delivering the email to the recipient inbox. Some of these checks are

·  Sender Reputation

·  IP/Server Reputation that is used to send emails

·  Domain reputation of the links in the content

·  Email engagement metrics. This includes spam complaints about your sender, server, and domain, bounce rate

Now that you know the important factors that are used to categorize legitimate email and spam, let’s know the benefits of using spam filtering service.

Advantages of Using Anti-Spam Solutions

Protection Against Viruses

Spam is more than an annoyance. It has evolved to become a threat that can bring down business email systems and network. For example, hackers can send viruses through email and the virus gets activated when the user clicks on a link inside the mail or clicks on the attachment. Once activated, the virus can spread to other computer systems and affect your IT network operations

Keeps Your Company’s Reputation Impact

If your customers receive spam from your company’s mail address, it can affect your company’s reputation and they would mark your company’s mail address as spam sender that will automatically block communication between your company and consumers.

As mentioned earlier, anti-spam solutions can also have outbound filters that ensure spam is not being sent from your mail servers. This keeps your company’s reputation intact.

Saves Time

If spam reaches your mail server, your employees would be required to sift through mail to find important mail. This is nothing but a waste of time that can be prevented by using an anti-spam solution. Imagine all employees spending a few minutes every day to delete spam and find important. This hampers productivity which can be prevented by using the anti-spam solution.

Considering 49.7% of global email traffic is spamFeature Articles, businesses need good spam filtering services to keep their business email system protected and usable. Do you have any questions?

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