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Monday, February 18, 2019
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How To Perform Data Recovery When Spindle Motor Is Damaged

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Damaged spindle motor in the hard drive not only means that you can not store any more data on that but also that the already stored is also now lost. Data won't be able to accessed until the spindle motor is undergone a repair.

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Every time the spindle motor of your hard disk drive fails, this electromagnetic device stops working. It not only means that you will not be able to save that important file, but also implies that whatever has already been stored in the device, will be lost. Yes, it means that you will be facing data loss. To effectively handle such a situation, you will need to get the hard drive spindle motor repaired or replaced, to be able to perform data recovery for the data that is stored. But do make sure that you do not trust that drive with any additional vital data. Otherwise opting for data recovery services will be the only option to get the data back.

What is the purpose of this motor?

The spindle motor or spindle shaft is located inside the hard drive, and makes the hard disk platters rotate when the computer starts.

What damages the spindle motor?

The motor tends to get damaged when the platters are moving at high speed for exceptionally long time, or at very high speed, or worse, encounter high supply of current. If the motor gets damaged, it doesn't work, and the platters do not move. The spindle that is attached in the drive will need current inside the coil, which will reverse the magnetic field to generate and start repelling. Absence of the same crashes the entire system.

What is possibility of hard disk recovery?

As already explained, if the motor is repaired or replaced, then the hard disk can be brought to working condition. This way, almost all the data can be fully recovered.

What Can be Done to Recover Data?

There are ways which a user can employ, in case, the drive has not failed completely, and rotates for a while after a period of cooling off. Provide the hard drive with sufficient cooling and increase the fan speed. If possible, attach additional fans. You may also blow canned (dry) air into the ventilation slots. Also disable energy saving settings, as it may cause spin down. Make sure the disk is spinning at optimum speed. With these settings, you may connect the drive to another working computer, and take backup on another drive.

What to do, if the Spindle Doesn't Work At All?

However, if the drive doesn't spin at all, then it is time to call professionals, and seek their help in recovering data. They will perform a minor operation and change the spindle motor, or its part to get it into a condition where backup can be taken on a working media.

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