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Saturday, February 16, 2019
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How You Can Make 3D from Photos with Archipelis Designer

Archipelis Designer offers an easy way to make 3D models. By drawing the outline of a model in 2D, Archipelis Designer makes the 2D to 3D conversion. But does it work?

Traditional 3D polygonal modeling packages have a steep learning curve. The modeler must learn to model in polygons, to unwrap the 3D model, and to apply textures to the model. Part art and part craft, the subtleties of mastering a top-end modeling studio such as 3D Studio Max or Maya can take months or even years depending on the experience of the user.
Archipelis Designer claims to remove this learning curve. The Archipelis 3D model starts as a 2D drawing or photo which the modeler uses as a reference to trace out the shapes of the model. The software then creates a 3D polygonal representation of this 2D drawing, and the texture from the reference image is automatically transferred to the model.
3D from Photos
This innovative approach of making 3D models from 2D images is both intuitive and fast. The initial drawing that will be converted to 3D can be roughly sketched in, then by magnifying the drawing, the contours can be more accurately adjusted. The results are quite staggering: a photo-realistic 3D model can be achieved in only a few minutes.
2D to 3D Conversion
Archipelis Designer has no animation options, but can export to the following formats so that an Archipelis model can be imported into another software package for rigging purposes:
•    .asc
•    .dxf
•    .obj
•    .off
•    .stl
•    .vrml
•    .x
•    .x3d
The wide range of format types means that supported third-party products include, but are not restricted to, Quidam, Truespace, Carrara, 3DS Max, Maya, Milkshape and Google Sketchup. Archipelis Designer also includes an exporter to create sculpted primitives (more commonly known as “sculpted prims” or “sculpties”) for Linden Lab's Second Life online world.
Second Life Sculpted Prims
A sculpted prim is a three dimensional textured mesh that can be used in Second Life as an avatar or object. Making sculpties in Archipelis Designer is a very simple process, and the software is supplied with an online tutorial demonstrating the required steps to import a sculpted prim into Second Life.
Archipelis Designer Summary
Archipelis Designer is easy to use and simple to navigate, and the innovative concept, of drawing 3D shapes from 2D images, offers a whole new method of generating low poly 3D models. The options for deforming and transforming the 3D models generated from 2D images is currently quite limited, but Archipelis is evolving with every versionHealth Fitness Articles, adding more export options and additional tools.
Archipelis in its current form is still useful to the traditional 3D modeler in rapidly producing textured volumes that can then be imported to another modeling package for refinement.

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