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Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Logitech H600 Wireless Headphones Reviews: Wireless Free Life

The world's most famous computer peripherals suppliers Logitech is also famous in PC multimedia entertainment design manufacturers. With the development of multimedia entertainment, Logitech followed ...

The world's most famous computer peripherals suppliers Logitech is also famous in PC multimedia entertainment design manufacturers. With the development of multimedia entertainment, Logitech followed the market pace, attaches great importance to the game, multimedia and network audio-visual AIDS develops. In order to adapt to the current consumption trend, greatly accelerate the process of product diversification and comprehensive, its products also covers the game consoles, music players, mobile devices and home entertainment system, etc.

From the development trend of audio products, the wire is a very important factor bound to enjoy freedom of music. "Get rid of the shackles of cable, using wireless way to enjoy music" is the development direction of public expectations. In the current variety of wireless transmission protocol, 2.4G holdings are still high.

Logitech Wireless Headset H600 overall appearance is very fruity, use the black unit as the prototype, the shell surface through careful polishing processing, very simple, cool, like a jet. A blue circle on the headphones unit shell decoration, very conspicuous. And is very match with pure black raven headphones shell. The right side of the silver Logitech LOGO is very conspicuous.

Logitech Wireless Headset H600 done "weight" and "strong" to a very good balance, h600 overall is not heavy, but the work of the various parts are in place, not the kind of "touched on the reimbursement" products. In addition, h600 using on-ear design, thin sponge and can be rotated moderately active earmuffs makes very comfortable to wear.

H600 head beam section and headset airframe material is qualitative different, is not a hard plastic but a plastic material with both elasticity and toughness. Logitech clearly takes into consideration the size of the wear and comfort, and such design can effectively prevent the head beam fracture accident caused by the large head size.

In order to facilitate receive, the wireless headset h600 using a foldable design, can significantly reduce the volume. Also H600 comes with noise cancellation microphone to provide clear voice quality, and can be hidden when not needed. Also h600 use laser trimming drive unit to avoid distortion, with even better sound performance.

Logitech Wireless Headset H600 power part with up to six hours of battery life, the key part is very concise and practical, a power switch, a microphone mute switch and accessories to provide a USB charging line, and a USB signal transmitter.

H600 voice is very loose peace, smooth natural. Sound is very clean, good signal to noise ratio.H600 voice slightly slim, tri-band distributed roughly balanced, high-frequency relatively thin, extending good and with good brightness, did not feel the bleak nausea.

H600 low-frequency texture loose, diving is good, this type of low frequency is mainly helps create a feeling of comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. It does not emphasize the rhythm of the violent and strong strength, but show current music in a very gentle way. Intermediate frequency part has slightly conservative, voice is not rich, but soft style makes female interpretation is also very characteristic, not the kind of indifference sound appealing good.

H600 high-frequency line feeling clear and bright, the overall density is not high, slim body, balanced tuning it to a variety of music has certain flexibility, and individuality is a not very bright, but yet practicality headphones.

Moreover, a higher noise ratio also make it very advantageous during a voice callBusiness Management Articles, a voice call will not be substantially interfere with the noise. This design is very good. H600 is a long time for listening to music headphones to listen for a long time not tired a long time will not make people feel irritable.

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