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Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Protoss Strategy Tactics For Starcraft 2

First class Starcraft 2 Strategy for Protoss. Tips and tactics provided to help you develop your skills as a Protoss player and start to challenge the pro's.

If you were to ask most players in Starcraft 2 where Protoss are placed out of the three races, they would most likely say they are the middle race. Protoss are considered as the middle race due to being able to use most tactics from the other two races, also their useability isnt the hardest nor the most easy. Due to the Protoss make up, you will have to have good skills in micro managing your units.

Compared to Zerg and Terran, Protoss attacks usually are of smaller groups, so good control of your units is important to play them effectively against your opponent.

For a really good guide on micro management take a look at Sc2 Micro Guide.

Protoss can tend to be weak in the early match being vunerable toearly attacks, but their strengths lie in quick building development, with effective defensive buildings and get bigger and better as the game progresses.

Continue reading as it will be discussed the methods of using Protoss to become a diamond ranked player.

Technology Management

Protoss units cost more than the other races, so you need to keep them alive as you are teching up. As you keep an eye on your opponent and their strategy, you will know first hand what unit and building upgrades will be best suited to counter any attacks.

Protoss can be a hard race for your enemy to understand what tactic is being played, as their build order begins the same way for most strategies.

To have access to your upgrades will require the Protoss Cybernetics Core being constructed. This building will also enable you to construct stalkers while accessing your technology.

Early Harassment Rushing can play a big role for all Sc2 races, even Protoss. The way Protoss units and buildings are made and designed has determined the most appropriate rush strategies.

One useful rush tactic involves warping in photon cannons in your opponents base. To learn more about Protoss Rush strategies, please take a look at Rush Guide for Protoss Starcraft 2.

Middle Game and Beyond

Protoss, as already mentioned, become a stronger race to play as the game proceeds after the early stages in the middle and late game. As the game continues and you manage to hold off any attacks from your enemy and tech up suitably you will be ready to proceed with the right middle to late game Starcraft 2 Protoss strategies.

As the game proceeds and with the right tech upgrades, you may be in the position to start building carriers and a
mothership. At this stage your opponent would be very intimidated and you may just be able to move in from any angles and finish off your enemy.

The mothership and carrier combo makes unexpected attacks on your enemy, at different angles, easy victories due to the mothership cloaking attribute.

When Protoss is played correctly they are a race that can defend all types of attacks and implement all types of their own strategies. Once you have attained sufficient micro skills and implement the right build order and early game defense tactics, Protoss can be seen as one of the best races to use.

For a top grade Sc2 Protoss GuideArticle Search, have a look at Starcraft 2 Guide fo Protoss.

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Both a frequent player of Starcraft 2 and writer of Starcraft 2 strategies. Top rated articles to help you learn to become a great player and climb your way up the diamond ladder! A helpful guide can be found at Sc2 Guide book.

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