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Sunday, May 26, 2019
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Save Your Child from Pornography - Internet Filter Software Reviews

Learn 5 easy methods to save your children from online pornography.  How you can protect your computer and children from the wave of inappropriate information and websites.

Save Your Child: 5 Ways to Protect Your Kid from Pornography

There is nothing more heartbreaking than to see your child struggling with problems such as pornography. In 1986 it was found that 1 in 5 boys and 1 in 10 girls are exposed to pornography by age 12. Pornography has done nothing but expand since then, and today it is even clearer that more needs to be done to protect our children from the devastating consequences of pornography.

Interact! - Of all the ways to protect your child, interaction could be the most important key. Let your child know what is inappropriate, and make sure they know that if they make a mistake and see something they know they should not have, you are a safe person to tell.

Try to keep all communications open. Ask them to explain to you how to work the computer, how to open an instant messenger or email account, use Google or other search engines, or shop online. You will be surprised how much they know!

Ask them what their favorite videos and websites are, and keep your eyes open. Even if your children are not using pornography, there are often very easy ways to get to pornographic sites through the websites they are visiting. Explain to them the danger in this and why it might be best for them not to visit the site any more.

Accountability - Keep the computer in a busy area of the house or in a dark corner of your kids room is probably not the best idea. Try near the kitchen, in the family room, or some where else where lots of people are.

Do not let your kids on the internet when you are not home or when there is not some one to supervise them. Keep a log of what sites they access. Since this can be difficult, especially if you need to leave them home alone because of your job, try using a parental control software program to log their tracks.

Stay Sane - Sometimes, the more you hide and restrict something, the more tempting it is. Obviously, this does not mean you should give them pornography to keep it from being forbidden fruit, but let them know why you are restricting it.

Remember, you are training them to protect them for a lifetime. Do not make it something that they will search out as soon as they are out of the house. In the same way, naivety can put them in danger just as much as much as knowing too much can. Teach them to recognize what makes a bad site, and teach them the proper way to handle it.

Limit their internet time - Keep internet time down to a minimum. Use it for school and an hour or so for play, but after that, involve your children in other areas of life. Play outside, help cook dinner, or simply read great books together. The less time they need to spend surfing the web, the safer they will be.

Use a parental control software program - There are many ways to protect your children without needing software. Some of the best are listed above. However, time constraints or the need for absolute peace of mind could lead to a decision to buy a software program.

There are many excellent programs out there, but after working with thousands of people struggling with pornography.

I have found that SafeEyes, BsafeonlineArticle Search, and NetNanny are among the best.

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