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Friday, February 22, 2019
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The Insider Guide to Selecting HDMI Matrix Switcher

Read this article to learn about the important features you should focus on to find the HDMI Matrix Switcher best fit for your business.

HDMI Matrix switcher accepts audio-video signals from multiple sources like cameras, computers, and Blu-ray disc players and routes the signals to a wide range of output devices like wide panel displays, projectors, and video conference codecs. If you are planning to buy HDMI Matrix Switcher, here are some points to consider.


When selecting an HDMI switch ensure it has a sufficient number of inputs to connect your current digital devices and also a few more for future expansions. Today, all video devices support HDMI and hence it is good to have additional ports to connect new devices in the future.

HDCP Transparency

HDCP is a digital copy protection used by broadcasters and digital content producers to ensure the content does not play on unauthorized devices. Any HDMI Matrix Switcher that needs to pass the content from the source to the monitor or any digital output device should support HDCP encryption.

Remote Control

Since the Matrix switch has many HDMI inputs and outputs, it should have a remote control that allows the user to select the right HDMI source and HDMI output device.

External Power Source

The HDMI switch should be powered by an external source. Some HDMI switches draw through the HDMI connections to save cost. However, this can overload the HDMI device. The power transmitted through HDMI cables is intended to power the internal EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) ROM that is fitted inside the TV. The power is not intended for powering other devices.

Intelligent Input Selection

The HDMI devices send a signal to indicate they are available. The HDMI switch should have intelligent scan feature that finds which HDMI source is available and automatically switch to that available HDMI source. This will help in minimizing user efforts to select the right HDMI source.

Power Saving Feature

All intelligent devices are expected to support green features and there is no reason why the HDMI switch shouldn’t have a power saving feature. The HDMI Matrix Switcher should be able to go to standby mode automatically when the video sources are switched off.

EDID Management

The Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) is a useful technology that identifies the HDTV display and audio capabilities and negotiates the best resolution to the connected video source. Since the HDMI Matrix Switcher connects to a range of HDMI inputs and outputs, the HDMI switch should have auto EDID management to determine the right resolution for every HDMI display and the connected source.

Minimum Insertion Loss

Since the HDMI Matrix Switcher is connected to multiple HDMI inputs and outputs at the same time, the device should ensure minimum insertion loss to ensure maximum signal integrity to the HDMI output.

Minimum Cross Talk

With multiple HDMI inputs active at the same timeFree Articles, there is a possibility of crosstalk between channels. Hence it is imperative the technology used in the HDMI matrix switch ensures the desired channel is not interfered by any other channel.

HDTV technology is evolving rapidly but HDMI connection will remain the de-facto standard for connecting your HDMI enabled devices to an HDTV or 4K displays. The above guide will help you select the right HDMI Matrix Switcher that will allow your HDMI devices to communicate with your digital displays effortlessly for years to come.

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