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Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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Where Robotic Process Automation Software Does a Better Job

Robotic Process Automation software is rapidly transforming today’s service industry. Robotics software is designed to replace a human workforce performing on-screen, rules based processing work

The Robots provide more accurate and faster service than humans.

Sometimes referred to as “the second machine age”, robots are replacing and/or augmenting the work performed by humans at an accelerating rate. Economists predict that Initial job losses will be replaced by more new knowledge worker jobs further up the value chain.

Robots can act as assistants for staff, as stand-alone workstation workers or as a complete virtual workforce, working from virtual desktops within a data center. Choosing the best fit configuration for your business is a critical component of a successful strategy and optimum long term results.

Help performing tedious tasks

Robots are ideal for performing tedious work. Data entry, sometimes referred to as swivel chair processing is one example. Unlike people, robots don’t get tired, bored or distracted. They also don’t get sick, show up late or miss work due to weather or other unplanned events. Robots also eliminate human errors and human deviations from standard processes.

Robots free staff to perform more innovative customer service and release IT resources to focus on enhancing central platforms to maintain pace with evolving customer expectations.

While some people fear Robots will reduce employment opportunities, like each new wave of improvement technology, many more new and more interesting jobs will be created and more innovative and challenging jobs are created……..a Robot trainer or Robot controller, for example.

Easier to work with

Robots don’t require coaching or ongoing training. Once one Robot is trained to do the work, all other robots immediately learn the same things. Robots don’t require the same supervision as humans and can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without a break.

Robots are also more reliable and secure than humans. They do exactly what they are instructed to do and nothing more. A central control person can manage up to 30 Robots, each performing the work of between 2 to 4 staff. This significantly reduces management costs and improves capacity planning accuracy.

Robots are deployed at the click of a mouse and their numbers are easily scaled up to meet unexpected load spikes. They are also easily trained to accommodate new product or service offerings.

Robots are also more secure than humans. They log in as any other userScience Articles, but they have no motivation or possibility to enter areas or files not within their work mandate and they have no possibility of using company information for any purpose other that for the work that they have been assigned.

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Robotic Automation software : There are a range of Robotic Process Automation software technologies to choose from. RPAi helps companies select the technology that best fits their business needs and then helps configure and train their Robot workforce. RPAi will also perform a Robot Fit Check to determine the scope of the Robotics opportunity within a company’s operations.

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