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Friday, April 19, 2019
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Content Development Plan Ė Your Website's Oxygen

Like everything in your website, content development plan is a sheer necessity. Websites that have good amount of content always tend to rank well in search results.

For once this is not meant for those who wish to burn endless dollars on online ads. Though the fact remains that even they too need content development plan to steer their websites to more conversion vis-ŗ-vis increase in visibility. Why do you need it? Why, for that matter, do you need content at all?To tell it straight, no website can expect to survive fierce jostling among similar websites unless it has some value to offer. No search engine will ever consider ranking a webpage at the top till it knows the page has something solid to inform its viewers. Let there be no doubt about this plain fact.

It thus follows that like everything in your website, content development plan is a sheer necessity. Websites that have good amount of content always tend to rank well in search results. The rush to build article directories is a pointer in that direction.

If you appreciate inevitability of content for your website to flourish, youíre past the halfway mark. The next half is even more crucial. Youíve to decide what all you must have as your contents. Hereís where planned content development comes to the fore.

Letís take an example. Suppose youíve a site on fishing and youíre selling fishing tools. (Good for me, since of all delicacies, Iím particularly fond of nicely marinated fish preparations) If I were you, I would have loved pages about fishing experience, thrill of playing a catch on the hook, preparing baits, the early morning camps, tracking loads of catch, sweet water carp versus sea-bred sardines, and so on.

In short, your web content will encompass all that a fishing enthusiast will like to get a feel about. Itís a niche topic, and so your content will expectedly deal on fishing experience in your area. Plus some valuable inputs to enhance catch and suchlike.

Think about it. If in doubt, why not place yourself in the shoes of one who desperately needs a tip or two to make his next morningís fishing trip a success? Therein lies the clue to build your content brick by brick for your site.

The point is that you need to devise your content development plan in such a way that youíre able to add resource-rich information on and on. Needless to say, your content will have to be related to your central topic and not aimlessly deal on something else.

Sounds easy? In practice it may not quite be so. Lack of planning may lead to straying away from the main thrust of your website. For example, if you are dealing a lot more on scenic beauty of your favorite fishing harbor, youíre in fact wasting opportunity. Why?Because, a fishing enthusiast is likely to be more eager to know the nitty-gritty to get going, instead of appreciating how he can enjoy his drinks in the lap of nature.

Putting things in perspective, 2 things become apparent. First is of course that you need just about any amount of content to remain in reckoning so far search engines are concerned. The second is that you have to have a perfect (or near-perfect) content development plan to enable you make your website relevant and information-rich in the eyes of your visitors.

Letís remember, when you start a website, itís a wrong step to prioritize exploring ways to earn money from it from day one, because unless your website is able to attract plenty of targeted visitors, there is just no possibility to make decent money.

In final analysis, only targeted content will stand your website in good stead. If you hold this theory goodBusiness Management Articles, you know youíll need a commensurate content development plan in place before you proceed.

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Partha Bhattacharya is an expert web content writer. It's rare that his clients have preferred any other provider after availing his service as content provider. Partha uses SBI! for his targeted website.

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