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Thursday, April 18, 2019
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10 Secrets That All Men Keep

There comes a time in every man's life when he discovers the value of hiding the grosser parts of his nature. He starts reciting the sweet nothings you long to hear: "No, honey, I play golf for the ex...

There comes a time in every man's life when he discovers the value of hiding the grosser parts of his nature. He starts reciting the sweet nothings you long to hear: "No, honey, I play golf for the exercise." Or "No, dear, I think you're a great driver."

And as he says these things, he's not exactly lying, for he often strongly believes that he's just making things easier. Little does he realise that these white lies, though pretty innocent, can turn confusing for women, who then tend to think, "Well, if he's lying about himself, is he also lying about something else? Is he having an affair?..." Therefore, to establish trust, men ought to tell truth about the inocuous stuff too.

But, the point is that they don't. They still keep those li'l secrets from their women. Here are some things that men will never admit to keeping to themselves.

1. We fall in lust, but it doesn't mean we want to leave you

"Were you looking at her?" The answer to that is always a 'No'. If you think your man doesn't look at another woman, get his vision tested. When a pretty woman passes by, men may first fight the urge to look, but in the end, they just have to.

2. We actually do play golf to get away from you

The point is this: 'Going golfing' is not really about golf. It's about the wife, the house, the kids and the absence thereof.

3. We're unnerved by the notion of commitment, even after we've made one to you

Your man does love you. He really thinks you're fantastic. But, by nature, men grow up obsessed with the fact of, 'How many women who resembled Britney Spears we could date before we turned 30. Generally, it takes them a few years to perish that thought.

4. Earning money makes us feel important

In many households, the wife earns more than the husband. This, of course, is a terrific development for women in the workplace and warmly embraced by all men, right? Yeah, well, that's what he will tell you. He'll also never admit to thinking that it irks him if his woman's bringing home more moolah than he is.

5. Though we often protest, we actually enjoy fixing things around the house

For men, it's rewarding to tinker with and fix something that they think, without them, would remain broken forever. Plus they get to use the tools. The reason they won't admit this is because they feel that most women can't differentiate between taking out the trash and fixing that broken hinge; to them, both are tasks men need to get done over the weekend.

6. We like it when you mother us, but we're terrified that you'll become your mother

Men sure look like adults when they turn 25, but at heart, they still feel like that 4-year-old clutching his father's pant leg. So they want a lot of mothering. But they're terrified to admit it, because it would probably come out sounding like they don't love you now.

7. We don't really understand what you're talking about

Women can, with relative ease, think up deep, complex 'issues' in the relationship even while ironing clothes? And they wait for their man to come home to discuss them. So, does your man sit there nodding and agreeing? No, he doesn't understand, he probably just has a faint idea what you're talking about. However, he does care, but it is just that the part of the brain that processes this stuff is where he stores the sports trivia.

8. We are terrified when you drive

Want to know how to reduce your tough guy to a quivering mass of fear? Ask him for the car keys. Every time he rides with you, he'll be prepared die at any moment. But he'd rather die than say this to you.

9. We'll always wish we were 25

As much as your man loves being with you now, he will always look back fondly on the freedom of his youth. Most guys reminisce about the days when life was easy, good and free of responsibility. At 25, they can get away with things they just can't at 40. While it doesn't mean that he is leaving you to join a rock band, it does explain why he occasionally comes home with a leather steering-wheel cover and a Born to Run CD.

10. Give us an inch and we'll give you a lifetime

For all you know, your man could have discovered that he loves you and wants to marry you when he was watching a cricket match with his buddies. Why? Because you told him that he must watch the match as it is important to him. If you let your man do his thing, with his buddiesFree Web Content, he will embracou forever for it. And that's the truth.

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