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Monday, January 20, 2020
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4 Sizzling Ways to Master the Art of Seduction

Seduction is important for all guys to learn.  In this article, you'll learn how to become an instant master of seduction and attract more women.

Guys have a variety of goals when it comes to dating. Some want to find a serious relationship while others want to causal date. Regardless of your ultimate goal, if you are anything like me, one goal you place high on your wish list is to end up in the bedroom.

Truth be told, it will remain on your wish list unless you take action. If you are a man who knows how to seduce women, stop reading this article and go out and practice. For every other man, read on because you need to know how to seduce a woman if making it into the bedroom is one of your goals.

The good news is that I have provided some tips below to learn the art of seduction and apply the skills all the way to her bedroom.

Improve Yourself

Do I even need to remind you that the art of seduction is not a natural trait of most men?

My guess is that this unfortunate truth goes without saying. Learn to seduce women actually takes a lot of practice.

It is not about reading a book and jotting down a few notes. It takes time, effort and practice. The best way master this art is to simply go out and meet women. Don't try this your way and practice in the mirror until you think you have perfected your routine.

Every time you have the opportunity to meet a woman is an opportunity to fine-tune your seduction skills. Gradually, your seduction skills will feel natural as if they have always been there. Just the act of going out and meeting women is not sufficient, though. You need to approach it as a time to improve yourself and figure out what works and what does not work.

Have a Plan

Or, maybe I should title this section as “Be Prepared” since the better prepared you are, the better chance you will have of success. You must have a plan of action. You must develop a seduction strategy, but do not procrastinate on implementing your plan.

Most men mistakenly think that seduction begins once you have become physically intimate, but this is not the case. You must create a seduction plan that begins with your initial conversation and does not end until you finally have sex.

Plan out such things as where to go for your date, how to best seduce her with conversation, how to transition from the conversation to kissing and then to the bedroom. No, you are not finished seducing. From this point, you must plan how you will make that first move to transition into foreplay and then all the way to sex.

As you see, seduction is a step-by-step process which is most effective when you are prepared for each step and their respective transition.

Slow down

Just because you are “in the mood” does not mean she is yet. Do not make the all too common mistake of rushing into things too quickly. This puts too much pressure on her and can backfire in the end. It can also be a turn-off to many women.

So, to become artfully skilled in seducing women, you must learn to have patience. Focus on creating a sensual mood, talking to her seductively and when the time is right initiating foreplay. Just enjoy the experience.

If it appears that you genuinely enjoy being with her, your chance for success seducing her will increase as she will become more trusting and willing to get into the moment.

Deal with Rejection the Right Way

There will be times when you feel you carried out your plan yet experience rejection. At these times, it is important to handle rejection in a positive way and not angry or frustrated as this will turn her off even more. But, it may not even be about you. Maybe she is sincerely not ready to take things to a sexual point, or maybe she is just not in the mood to have sex. If this is the case, though, and you respond negatively she will be less interested in a “next time.”

Be patient, react positively and keep the door open for the future. Don’t let a small delay ruin the plan. Just use this time to further seduce her, even if you find that you have to move back a step to conversation. I suppose you should have a Plan B for times like this. Remember, be prepared!

It is my general philosophy that you will have less sex if you keep sex in the forefront of your mind when talking to a woman. Rather, you will probably have more sex if you act as if you really do not care either way.

The most important thing, thoughFree Reprint Articles, in learning how to be a great seducer is to create a plan and practice. Fine-tune your skills to become the ultimate man of seduction.

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