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Thursday, February 27, 2020
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4 Tips for Instantly Improving Your Conversation Skills with a Woman

The conversations you have with women has a direct impact on your ability to attract her.  If you can improve any of the mistakes you're making, you'll become an attractive person to her.

Attraction starts with your initial conversation!

If a woman likes during your first conversation, you'll be on your way to quickly developing attraction.  Once this happens, it'll become easier to seduce her. 

So I have to ask you:

How would you rate your conversation skills?

Well, no matter how high you rated yourself, I ask you to take this into consideration…

In a recent study, it was found that the majority of women are disappointed with the conversations they have with guys.  This means if you can dramatically improve your conversation skills, you'll become the guy who can instantly attract women.

Now there are a few basic mistakes which guys make during a conversation.  If you can identify (and fix) any of these 4 problem areas, you'll easily master the art of the conversation.

1- You're too shy

Shyness is the ultimate killer of attraction. 

If you're having trouble talking to women, then you're definitely NOT displaying positive male traits like confidence and interest. 

In order to be attractive towards women during your conversation, you overcome your shyness.  You can do this by initiating conversations with everyone you meet.  By talking to lots of different people, you'll become comfortable around women.

Just remember that success breads confidence.  By learning how to get people interested during the conversation, you'll easily ditch your shyness and become a confident male.

2- You're brag too much

Let me be honest here…

Women hate men who brag about themselves. 

Honestly, most women don't care about the car you drive, the money you have or your incredible job.

If you want to impress a woman, you must use your personality to attract her.  So instead of talking about your accomplishments, just focus on being a fun and exciting guy.  Once this happens, you'll ditch the arrogant behavior.

3- You're too boring

Being an exciting person is just as important as NOT being a braggart.  So if you're acting in a boring manner, you'll lose your chances of attracting her.

In order to build attraction with a woman, you have to be an interesting person.  So you have to kill the boring person inside you.  You can do this by telling interesting stories, using cold reading tricks, and asking her provocative questions. 

4- You're not flirting

Conversations should never imitate an interview. 

A common mistake guys make is to think a conversation involves asking questions back and forth.  In essence, they think a conversation is like an interview where you find out information about a woman.

Unfortunately this technique does nothing to build attraction. 

Now in order to create attraction, you have to flirt with her.  Remember that dating is about building attraction and physical chemistry.  So if you want her like you in a sexual way, you have to flirt with her.

You can flirt with a woman by using sexual innuendos, establishing physical contact, and displaying the right kind of body language.  If you know how to flirt, you'll be able to use the conversation to attract her.

Conversations with a woman should work towards building attraction.  If you can identify any of the 4 conversation mistakes I described in this article AND fix themArticle Submission, you'll be on your way towards instantly attracting women.

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