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Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Creating Instant Sexual Chemistry With a Woman

Sexual chemistry is a crucial element to building attraction and moving a woman towards seduction.  In this article, you’ll discover how to create instant physical chemistry with a woman.

If you thought you were finished with chemistry lessons the day you graduated high school, think again. There's nothing more important in the dating game than sexual chemistry, and if you don't have it, you need to learn to fake it.Girls, they have wildly unpredictable taste in men. Some like male models, some like geeks, some go for humor, and others want sheer wealth. But the one thing that every woman does agree on is that she and her potential lover must share chemistry.The good news for those who are no longer blessed with a full head of hair is that chemistry has got very little to do with your looks. Ever seen a gorgeous girl hanging on the arm of an outwardly unattractive man? The guy must be giving good chemistry.Now, most girls believe that chemistry can't be faked. They think that the pair of you have to connect on some sort of cosmic level, and that if the attraction isn't instant they may as well walk away.But they're wrong.By following my lead, you can learn to create a convincing connection between yourself and any girl you fancy. And all that it takes is a little bit of practice.What girls describe as “sexual chemistry” is simply a feeling of being comfortable in one another's company. There are several ways to achieve this.The first, and the most important, thing that you must do is pretend to be relaxed around her. Even if your palms are sweating and your knees are trembling, adopt a relaxed posture and chat to her in a calm and even tone of voice. If you seem perfectly comfortable around her, she will find it easier to loosen up around you.Engage her in casual conversation. If you're normally a very shy person, think up a few topics before heading into town, such as films you've seen recently, popular TV shows, or the quality of other people's karaoke. If she's wearing a striking accessory, compliment her on it. Or simply ask about her day and how she's liking the bar/club/restaurant where you've met.Look for common points of interest, and engage her in conversation about them. Discovering a shared hobby or opinion will imediately bring you closer.Tease her, but carefully. Criticising her beliefs, habits or loved ones will instantly kill the mood, but a lightly heated debate about your different tastes in music can make you both laugh and give you an excuse for playful touching.Torment her a little. Brush your fingers against her arm, then withdraw. Reach for her face, but pull back at the very last minute. Glance at her lips, bite your mouth, and look away. There's nothing like wondering if a man is interested to grab a girl's attention.Keep some things to yourself. If you steer the conversation away from your work, family and personal life you can create an alluring aura of mystery. If all you're after is a quick fling, it will also discourage her from getting too attached.The aim is to create a relaxed and natural atmosphere which will convince her you're actually compatible. Keep your smiles and your laughter genuine, your responses vague but honest, and your nerves very much in check. Chemistry. Chicks may believe that it's a mystical reaction, but you and I know better. One easy evening of conversationFree Reprint Articles, and the connection has been made.

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