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Thursday, June 20, 2019
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Dating Advice Tip: Why Old Fashion Is Better Than Texting

In this day and age one of the watch words is instant. People want things not now but yesterday. The new technologies have made much of this possible but when it comes to dating it's best to combine the old with the new.

It seem like with the advent of online dating services and social networks that dating has entered an entirely different stratosphere. To a certain degree it has. Now it is possible to meet someone in your neck of the woods instantaneously, have an online chat and decide from the comfort of your own home whether you want to pursue a relationship.

One other innovation also appears to be changing the dating rules.  With the arrival of the Blackberry, it is no longer necessary to pick up the phone to confirm a date you have set up. Now just compose a quick text message, hit send and your date receives your correspondence instantly. In this day and age it's all about speed.

 These new fangled advancements maybe great for a number of things but sometimes the tried and true methods that worked for previous generations are still the best way to conduct yourself when it comes to dating.

1. Let's go out

You may be using your Blackberry for all kinds of purposes. Yes it's turned out to be a very helpful resource but when it comes to asking someone for a date it's not a good idea. Besides it being somewhat impersonal, it also tells the other person, you have not quite worked up the nerve to pick up the phone and call them or ask them out face to face. Letting the other person see you and hear your voice will easily have a more powerful effect. You may have put a lot of passion into writing your text message but when it gets sent to your potential date it still comes off as cold. 

2. Will they or won't they

Yes, you can call someone, ask for a date and not get an answer or meet that person face to face and get a non committal response.  At least with these two methods, your instincts and observation skills can let you know pretty much where you stand. In other words you have a clearer indication of whether to keep asking or move on. Texting someone for a date and not getting any type of feedback can having you going in a hundred different directions.

You thought they liked you so why are they not responding? May be for whatever reason they are not available right now. The whole point is because you have not communicated with them in a more direct manner you don't know so you are left to guess as to what is going on. The mind can play terrible tricks on you when it thinks you have been left hanging.   

3. Sorry but you can't make it

This one comes under the heading of playing with dynamite. They agreed to go out with you. If you cannot make it then at least give them the courtesy of a phone call or a face to face cancellation. Whether you mean it or not, breaking a date thru texting is a clear indicator you are running away as fast as you can.  If your date is anywhere near the periphery of your social circleFeature Articles, the chances are the word about your rudeness (and fear) will spread very quickly.  How the other person takes the cancellation is up to them but the least you can do is face up to your own actions by looking them in the eye or talking to them over the phone.

No doubt some of these new gadgets are tremendous time savers. They also can help when it comes to instantaneously coordinating the schedules and whereabouts of you and your date. But do not let it take the place of good old fashion manners. Whether you two get together or not a warm voice and body will always be more appreciated than distant words on a mini monitor. 

Article written by Daryl Campbell – The Relationship Tip – How can just one attitude adjustment improve your dating relationship? Check out the free video 


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