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Friday, October 30, 2020
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Dating Romance: Have Fun and Save Money

This recession is putting the squeeze on many of us in all phases of our lives including dating. Yet this time may be a golden opportunity to add a lot more fun to your dating relationship as well as strengthening the connection.

A little while back Abby Ellin of The New York Times wrote, "The last five months have been filled with grim numbers, most of them preceded by a minus sign. Nearly 600,000 jobs lost in January. A national debt of $10.7 trillion. The Dow, down more than 2,200 points since September." Since that was written things have not gotten any better.

If you are not in the job loss or debt category, then you probably know someone who is. Or like many of us you have had to do some ruthless editing in your personal life. Things that you did previously without giving them a second thought are now receiving some serious scrutiny. This analysis is usually followed by questions like, do you really need this and/or can you continue to afford it? In these rough times the answer is usually no.

That ruthless editing is also showing up in another area you least expected it; your dating life. Now it's not like when you went out on a date that you always wound up spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave. But you were no tightwad either. Yes you were careful with your funds but when you had it like that then it was no problem to throw a certain amount of caution to the wind and treat your date to a wonderful evening.

But things being how they are right nowFind Article, you just don't have that luxury. Some singles have decided to call it quits altogether and not date anyone to the economy or their personal financial situation improves.

Bad move. None of us knows what the future holds. By taking that route these singles are taking a gamble that might have them on the shelf for a very long period of time.

Therefore it is important to continue to date but mix in a lot of creativity that can be a great help to your finances.

1. You Versus Your Date

Challenge your date to a contest. Play volleyball across the living room couch with a ball of aluminum foil. What about a game of hide and seek; the loser has to sing whatever the winner wants. Sounds silly right? Good. Relationships are usually at their best when neither party takes themselves too seriously and there is plenty of laughter in the air. Give them a chuckle by calling them at work and throwing down the silly challenge gauntlet.

2. Volunteer

Sometimes the best way to pass the time and get your mind off your troubles is to go out there and volunteer to help others. Not only are you benefiting someone else who in all likelihood will not be able to pay you back but you and your date get to work as a team as well as see each other in a new light. Sharing your generosity with others is a good way to bond closer together.

3. The Yard Sale Date

Got the urge to spend some money? Learn to become a bargain hunting guru and some of the best places for those bargains are the yard sales. During the week you and your date can be explorers scoping out the local newspaper or scouring online for anything on the horizon. You can then contact each other to compare notes and when the weekend arrives hit those yard sales. Not only can you come across rare and inexpensive items but the build up to the yard sale can be as much fun as the actual sale.

We are coming out of this recession stronger as a people and a nation but going through it is not going to be easy or pleasant. That's why if you have a good dating relationship then do your best to hang on to that other person. Getting creative is not only inexpensive but can add more fun and enjoyment than what you may already be experiencing.

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Article written by Daryl Campbell. This economic downturn is putting a hurting on many of us to the point where some people have given up dating altogether. Don't go that route. Just get more quality cheap date ideas at The Relationship Tip

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