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Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Fixing a broken relationship: The 3 Doís and Doníts to get your ex girlfriend back now!

This article gives the male reader three things to do and don't do to fix his broken relationship and get his ex girlfriend back now.

Let me ask you how many times have you thought about what you did to ruin your relationship? Have you wished you could take all the arguments back and have the one you love in your arms?†† I have been there before and felt that pain.

†What if I told you that there was a way to fix your broken relationshipFind Article, get your girlfriend back and have her love you again.† As you read every word of this article you will find out what you should do and not do to get her back now. ††

So letís start off with the three doníts

#1) Donít force communication with her if she is not ready to talk to you.† This is a sure way for the relationship to never be rekindled.† Nobody wants to be forced to do anything especially talk to someone in which they just broke up with.† Why it is perfectly natural to want to ask for forgiveness your ex may not be ready yet.† By pushing communication you are setting the door to be closed for good.

#2) Donít put the blame on your ex girlfriend for the problems in the relationship.† In life the truth is even if you are right nobody wants to hear they are wrong.† This goes double in your relationship never point out your ex girlfriends faults.† She will defend her position and you will not win her back even if you were right.

#3) Donít try any psychological games including trying to make her jealous.†† In times of desperation to win her back you may think of making her jealous.† This is a sure way to stop all communication and loose her forever.† So please donít do it.

The 3 Doís

1)††††† DO#1

†††††††††††††††††† Spend time and think of areas you can change in yourself for the better.† If itís listening than work on that.† If its spending more time being attentive than do that.† You are not loosing yourself by working on your problem areas.† So do the work and begin to implement the changes in yourself first.†

2)††††† Write a handwritten letter admitting your faults and feelings for her.† Nothing is more sentimental and caring then a hand written letter.† It should be written with honesty and sincerity.† Getting the right words can be tricky so be careful and think threw want you want to say.

3)††††† Do be patient in waiting for her response.† Many times we loose hope if she does not jump right back in your arms.† If you follow the first to doís then it will come but you must be patient.

Now please pay close attention:†

Are you making any of these three classic mistakes which will prevent you from ever fixing your broken relationship and have her love you again? I hate to admit but I made all three of them myself.† Find out what they are and how to avoid them by visiting write now before you loose your ex girlfriend forever.

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I am now happilly married with two kids, however for a long time I struggled in my relationships prior to being married and after.† I decided to do something about learning about what makes a relationship last, how to keep one, and how to get back in your relationship once you have had problems or separation once three close friends got divorced and a number of my friends went in and out of relationships.† I share my findings in order to help people like myself and my friends.

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