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Monday, July 22, 2019
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Girl Games in Relationships and How to Out Run Them.

This is all about girl games in relationships and how to out-smart them. It is obvious that women play some sort of games in Relationship or what else do you want to call those days they promise to show up and finally never did. this is men guide to spotting girl games

This is all about girl game in relationship and how to have the upper hand. There are games women play in relationships, it is an integral parts of their lifestyle, it is their way of choosing the right man, women play games all along in a relationship while planning to get that most handsome guy sitting at the extreme and while
trying to tell you how they want to come a little more closer.

Women are not known to voice out their desire they rather do it through a concealed method a rather vigorous style which had kept men wondering for ages why women simply can't come out clean and say I don't want you do you have women as just friends? OK, I want you to get this; do you have women as just friend? someone that tell you everything she does with men, maybe not all but at least half of what she does with men. The way they promise five guys date the same day and end up seeing one or even none.

Have you been here, have you been played before? I mean the girl games, well I have been there and I have been friends with many girls and I have seen them promise to hang out with countless number of men the same day and end up seeing one or sleeping all day or even switching off their phones. Girls do that, some of them are just kings of the games, they seem to derive joy from frustrating guys or how else should I put it.

Initially I simply can't understand why a lady wouldn't hand out her number the first time you asked or why they would call the last minute and cancel a date, I simple can't understand why they have to keep me waiting in a restaurant for hours while they keep saying "I am on my way" for more than one hour, often I wondered how a girl walk a 5 minutes distance for hours or why they just act alike.

It is so obvious that you are not successful with women, then you are not, If you can get a girl in Texas it is so obvious you can't still get them in New York, African or Asia. All women seem to act alike they seem to always play the girl games. Take a guy for instance who has been stuck for over an hour waiting in a restaurant
for another new girl while she keeps saying "I am on my way" or some sort of "I am coming" with lots of boldness

Lets take for instance the guy is you, yes I mean you. Almost all of us have been in this situation before, I mean fallen pray to the games women play. If you are a guy and have dated women then you have obvoisly been here.
Let’s say you called her before leaving your house ( as is always the case) and she told you she would be there in five minute, you've probably waited for like 1 hour and she still wouldn't show up, you wailed, called and shouted, asked question in annoyance, then controlled yourself probably not to cause a greater damage. You wouldn’t take it if she finally didn't show up

This is a situation that is not always easy to manage, lots of understanding and experience is required. If you want to be successful with women, there is a need for a complete personality makeover, there is a need for a  change in attitude and a little more confidence.

Yes, You are still the guy, so what would you likely do in this situation, Pack up, roar to your house and delete her number or do you just call and beg her to make it snappy, let me guess, you are doing nothing for the entire day so it wouldn't do any harm to stick around all day popping more bottles of coke, probably toasting
groundnuts into the air and hoping she shows up. What do you think is the best thing to do. OK walk over to her house and beat the hell off her lousy skin.

The only way to out-smart women is to take on the form of a man. Men make decisions, they scarcely beg nor cry. They play the tough parts. I haven't waited over twenty minutes for a lady before, most of the time they show up and start calling before finally show up. If you imbibe a little more discipline, you would have more women, we have this feelings like she would fly away if we as little as do one thing wrong but that is not always the case.

I would send her a text message after thirty minutes "Hello Jane, I am going to catch some real fun with my guys since you couldn't make it after thirty minute, don't worry there is still lots of time ahead"

This simply tells her that you are not desperate and it also say you don't like what she did, the problem with guys is that they find it so hard to scold girls when they are wrongFree Articles, not really beating them up but admonishing them.

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And hey, See the best about Girl games. I am Dave Anan, a guru in the field of men dating. check out our website - dating tips for men

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