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Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Helping You and Your Girlfriend Get Back Together

You want you and your girlfriend to get back together. You feel lost without her. You're feeling lonely now that she is gone, and you are desperate to get her back. If you want you and your girlfriend to get back together then you may need to change the way you approach her and the situation.

 If things went very fast and marriage seemed like a sure thing, she may have gotten scared off. This isn't the 50's any more and most women have learned to be independent and self-assured.

It could very well be that she felt smothered and didn't have enough space or didn't feel like she was in control, of her own future. It could also be that you are pressuring her too much now and all she wants is to be away from you. Hopefully this isn't the case, but if you push too much it very well could be. If what you want is you and your girlfriend to get back together you have to be aware of this.

Your girlfriend may be like many women these days and thrive on being independent. They need their space from time to time and while the idea of marriage and commitment may have seemed appealing to them for a moment, reality could have set in and now they are feeling trapped. Women very often need to feel in charge even when they let you think you are! They need to feel in charge of not only themselves, but of situations that they are in.

If things start moving too fast they don't feel so “in control” anymore. Once marriage or long term commitment starts getting discussed it is easy to feel that you are getting sucked into something if you don't feel ready for. If they feel they aren't ready, they most likely aren't. If they feel like they are getting pushed down a road they don't think they want to go yet, they may push themselves away, because they feel they are being pushed in a direction they are not ready for.

Since there is no direction right now, and you are dealing with a break up, now is actually a good time to get started back down that path. She may feel free and clear of you and to an extent may very well be. If she has any desire to talk with you and you are still on a friendly basis, just be available - but not too available. If she is going to call you, make it seem like you are hard to get on the phone. If she wants to make some plans with youFree Articles, turn her down at first but ask for a rain check. The goal is to make her seem like she is pursuing you. Let her be in the hunt.

Also let her have something to hunt for. Sometimes the things most desired are the things that are hard to get. Those will also be the things that makes them more likely to go in for the kill which is what you want her to do. You want her to commit and if you make yourself someone worth hunting and let yourself be hunted (and not necessarily caught) you may yet see you win back your girlfriend.

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