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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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How to Create a Seductive Atmosphere In Your Home

If you want to sleep with women, then you have to know how to create the right kind of atmosphere. In this article, you’ll discover a few simple ways to make a seductive environment within your home.

Tonight's the night! You've met a cute girl and she's coming back to yours. You've kissed in the club, had a tangle in the taxi, and now you're standing outside your apartment, keys in the lock, about to invite her inside.


From here on in it should all be easy. You both plan on ending up in bed together so everything you say, do or drink in the mean time is nothing but a fancy form of foreplay.


But what if you've already spoiled things for yourself?


You see, while most men appreciate the importance of grooming themselves before they go out, very few realize that they should also be grooming their home. But if there's one thing guaranteed to make a woman turn on her stiletto heel and leave, it's an uninviting apartment.


Let's start with the basics: no matter how dirty they intend to be with you, girls expect a certain level of cleanliness.


If your bed linen is crusty, crumpled and doesn't smell like it's been washed in a while, she's not going to want to lie down upon it. Make sure that your sheets are clean and your bed is made before you head into town.


Keep your kitchen clean or coffee will seem unappealing. Get your bathroom shining or she won't feel like freshening up. Crack your windows open to get rid of stale smells, hide your clutter and chuck out bulging bin bags.


Now let's set the mood.


Be prepared. If you're going to invite her up for coffee, make sure there's some in your cupboard. Stock up on female-friendly drinks (girls tend not to go for beer) and ensure you have a selection of snacks and tasty breakfast goods to hand.


Think about mood lighting. The flicker of a scented candle is much more flattering to both of you than the glare of an overhead light. Installing a dimmer switch or investing in some lamps can allow you to change the whole feel of a room with just the flick of a switch.


Select seductive fabrics. Choose cushions and bed linen in velvet, silk and suede (or convincing equivalents). Not only will you seem like a more sensual man for having chosen them, but comfortable fabrics help to relax nervous girls. Also invest in a really comfy bath robe for her to borrow the morning after.


And finally, let's set the scene. Because while comfort and cleanliness are enough to get a girl into bed, impressing her with your taste and style is always a pleasure – and can be the deciding factor if you choose to ask her back.


Perhaps you're not in a position to buy a whole new set of furniture, but even men on a budget can create a stylish pad. Give the place a lick of paint, ditch any student-style posters and choose some striking artwork or vintage film posters to frame.


Distinguish between personality and clutter. Fill your shelves with books you do read, films you do watch and music you do listen to, not with things you think she'll find impressive. Mountains of magazines should be hidden away, but display quirky and unusual items proudly. Your apartment should suggest the man you really are – albeit a slightly less messy version of him.


Nobody can live in a show home all the time, but unless you want her to fake an emergency phone call within minutes of walking through the door, keep your home cleanFind Article, comfortable and fairly uncluttered and there's absolutely no reason why you can't find yourself waking up beside her tomorrow morning.

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