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Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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How You Can Land a One Night Stand Date

Finding an “easy” woman for sex isn’t as hard you might think.  In this article, you’ll discover a simple system for landing that elusive “one night stand”.

Get yourself into a serious relationship and you will (theoretically) only ever have sex with one woman for the rest of your life; stay single and you can sleep with however many girls you like. Or so the theory goes.In practice, chances are you sleep with nowhere near as many girls as you would like. In fact, there's a very good probability that you're currently sleeping with none. So, if you want to start carving all those one night stand notches into your bedpost, let me show you how it's done.The trouble with girls is that they get hit on all the time. They've heard every line before, they've seen all the smoothest moves, and it's going to take something mighty clever if you want them to take any notice of you.I'm about to tell you what that something mighty clever is.You see, women have a weakness: they just can't fight their urge to feel special.If a chick thinks you're out on the pull, if she thinks she's the first girl you've spotted in a short enough mini skirt, you're not going to stand a chance. But convince her that sex was not your plan tonight, that she's the only girl in the room who could possibly have made you ditch your mates and dance with her, and, believe it, she’ll eventually want you badlyThe simplest way to achieve this is to find an easy target. And by that I don't mean an ugly one. I mean the second most attractive girl in any group, the one who suspects that she's pretty, but is always overshadowed by her foxy friend. Take your time choosing, and take your time approaching her. If you go charging on over the moment she arrives, she's going to assume that the late night pick up is a bit of a bad habit of yours. Instead, convince her that you're new to this by appearing cautious and uncertain – make “accidental” eye contact, or let her mates catch you staring; stall for up to an hour before eventually going over.Offer her a drink or ask her to dance. And, strange as it may seem, don't started raving about how hot she is – she wants to believe you see more to her than her sexy looks.Smile and listen to what she's saying. Maintain eye contact. Body language is the key to successful seduction, so keep yourself close to her and don't let your attention wander. Don't touch her yet, but, as the night wears on, slowly lean closer and closer to her until your lips are almost touching – the anticipation and uncertainty will drive her wild.As the evening draws to a close, ask if you can walk her home. Ideally, you want to go back to her place - she'll feel more relaxed there, and you can leave at any time – but if she'd prefer to go back to yours, just be prepared to make calm, polite excuses in the morning.Don't mention sex. Stick to the “coffee” routine. It's a game and you both know it, but keep playing along because it makes her feel daring and excited. And that gets her hot.Sit yourself next to her. Keep your bodies close. Glance at her lips, look back to her eyes. She wants you.But wait.Because if you wait just a little bit longer, if you keep up the intimate body language, if you gaze at her as though you can barely contain yourself, she'll be the one to start kissing you. And when she doesFind Article, she'll be begging you please don't stop.

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